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A Dose of ‘Jhakaas’ Award-Winning Marathi Short Films


Short films are a great way for filmmakers to showcase their talent. While Hindi and English web series and short films are stealing most of the limelight all for themselves, there is also a lot of regional content being created.

When it comes to Maharashtra, the filmmakers here are not lagging behind either. They have come up with some brilliant regional Marathi short films, that have went on win National Awards, making the state proud.

Although it sounds simple, creating a good short film is not an easy task that any Tushar, Dilip, and Hemant (Tom, Dick, and Harry) can do. However, the talented filmmakers of the state have shown that they can create not just good short films, but some of the best ones.

Here we have a small compilation of some amazing short films that have won awards on a National level:

#1 ⇒ Chaitra:

Chaitra is based on legendary Marathi author G. A. Kulkarni’s short story. The short film is set in the backdrop of Haldi-Kunku in the month of Chaitra.

The short film revolves around a mother, who is unfairly humiliated at a Haldi-Kunku gathering in front of his 10-year old son, and yet tries to ensure that the child retains his good values, without hate for anyone.

It went on to win National Film Awards for Best Short Film, Special Mention (for Sonali Kulkarni’s acting), and Best Non-Feature Film Music Direction (Bhaskar Chandavarkar), at the 49th National Film Awards, as well as Mumbai International Film Festival awards for National Critics Award and Best Short – Silver.

Director: Kranti Kanade.

#2 ⇒ Aushadh:

Aushadh is the story of a sincere pharmacist who maintains good relationships with customers.When the pharmacist realizes that his subordinate has mistakenly given the wrong medicine to an old lady, the pharmacist goes on to lengths to figure out where the old lady lives, and undertakes a long journey to save her life, which could’ve been lost due to a mistake.

The film managed to win the Best Short Fiction Film at the 63rd National Film Awards.

Director: Amol Deshmukh.

#JioFilmfareShortFilmAwards Aushadh

#JioFilmfareShortFilmAwardsMovie: AushadhAushadh, is a story of a pharmacist and his relationship with others, who goes through a physical and emotional journey to save a life after an innocent mistake is made by his subordinate mohan giving wrong medicine i.e. giving blood pressure tablet instead of pain killer. If you like the film, vote for it here: http://www.filmfare.com/awards/short-films-2017/vote-for-peoples-choice-award/Also, vote on ‘Premiere @ JioChat’ channel on JioChat! Download here: https://goo.gl/viqnw6

Filmfare यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, ९ डिसेंबर, २०१६


#3 ⇒ Pistulya:

Pistulya is about a young boy who comes from a lower caste and is living a life in poverty, but wants to gain his education.

His father wanted him to get educated, but after the father’s death, the boy is forced to beg for food with his mother. He wishes to attend school but they cannot afford uniform or books. To add to the pitiful situation, others community members involved in stealing take Pistulya under their wing and forcefully train him into stealing.

The short film was awarded the Best First Non-Feature Film and the Special Mention Award (for child actor Suraj Pawar).at the 58th National Film Awards.

Director: Nagraj Manjule.

Special Mentions:

#4 ⇒ Taandav:

Taandav is a short film revolving around the character, Head Constable Tamble.

Taandav begins with visuals of a Ganpati Visarjan procession, and then dives into the stress that Tamble is going through. He is unable to pay his daughter’s donation fee and does not agree to take the money discovered during a police raid for himself and his colleagues, which leads to him getting isolated.

The noise, the dancing, and the lights stress him out, and a fight that breaks out, triggering Tamble into pulling out his gun. What will all the stress and frustration burst into?

Actor Manoj Bajpayee received the Best Actor Male in a Short Film Award at the Jio Filmfare Awards.

Director: Devashish Makhija.

#5 ⇒ Aai Shapat:

Aai Shapat is a short film about a little boy named Soham, his innocence and a childish belief in superstition. When Soham’s cousin, Ninad, falsely swears on his own mother. little Soham starts fearing for the life of Ninad’s mother. He follows her around throughout the weekend, with his worrying growing every passing hour.

The dilemma Soham faces and his hesitation at the end is also an interesting watch. Does he still believe something could happen due to a false swear?

Aai Shapat is the winner of the Perfect 10 Award at the MAMI Film Festival under the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films Category.

Director: Gautam Vaze.

These are some of the best short films in the Marathi language, each with a glimpse into the culture of Maharashtra, and storylines that will make you think about the society we live in.



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