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Best Feature Films: Year-round Edition 2020

The love we Indians have for films is something that can never be diminished. There was a huge debate that centered around ‘Movies vs. Web Entertainment’ when web series started gaining a lot of attention from creators and masses alike. All the arguments and critics aside, we know one thing for sure- films will never go out of business. And apparently so do the OTTs. Many of the platforms have started making movies exclusively for their platforms, and though it’s not on as large a scale as series, it’s increasing gradually.

Best Feature Film: Year-round Edition 2020

best feature films best eature films best feature films

So, among the two movies released in February, which one was worth a watch? The answer’s below.


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Yeh Ballet

Cast: Achintya Bose, Manish Chauhan, Julian Sands.

Channel: Netflix.

Director: Sooni Taraporevala.

Crossing the line society draws between dreams and reality, Netflix’s Yeh Ballet is a film that soars high in its simplicity and the way it finely merges fiction with non-fiction. Based on true incident, the film tells the story of two boys- Nishu and Asif– from the slums, who against all odds strive to become ballet dancers. With the help of fate and talent, they grab onto their wish and turn it into reality, and Sooni translates this story on screen in the most realistic manner possible.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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