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Bop Your Head to The 5 Best Music Streaming Services


In this digital era, getting our hands on our favorite tracks and tunes has become amazingly easy, unlike the old era of cassettes. Music has always been a point of salvation and keeping that in mind, various developers has created a space for music aficionados to groove and croon to. There are a zillion music streaming services out there and it gets difficult to find which the authentic and good ones are. Here are some of the prominent suggestions for you to decide from:

1. Saavn


One of the largest streaming services of Bollywood and other entertainment in the world, Saavn was founded in 2007. Today, it has over 36 million songs in about 15 languages, attracting listeners with its various features like New Releases, Trending, Radio, Saavn Originals, and Top Charts providing you an unlimited selection for every mood.
You can stream Saavn music for free, where the only nuisance is the ads. For an ad-free, uninterrupted experience, there’s premium subscription-based service. With its Facebook integration feature, you can find out what artists and songs your friends are following. A nice, new way of bonding with music!

Subscription: INR 99 for Android, INR 120 for iPhone and iPod (per month).

Available on: Android, iOS, Web, etc.

2. Gaana

Gaana was launched in 2010 by Times Internet, concentrating more on Bollywood and regional songs. With a collection of over 21 Indian language songs, catering to whims and likes of the entire population, it offers services that can be quite useful such as Night Mode, Sleep Timer, Gapless Playback; its association with Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM provides users with 10 Mirchi stations, and then there’s ‘Times Now’ news channel where listeners can be updated with all the latest news.

Users can connect their Facebook account to Gaana, just like Saavn, allowing listeners to follow their friends to view each other’s music library. The redeeming quality Gaana boasts though is that it has an option to turn off the profile activity as per your preference.

Subscription: INR 99 for Android, INR 120 for iPhone and iPod (per month).

Available on: Android, iOS, Web, etc.

3. Wynk Music

Wynk, among the best Indian-based music streaming services, was launched in 2014, owned by Bharti Airtel. This particular detail makes Wynk the best choice for Airtel users as they can use all the services within the app for free. It has an extremely well-designed, user-friendly interface, contributing to great listening experience.

Wynk has around 2.2 million songs, ranging from rare regional, classic Bollywood to hit international, including playlists curated specifically by moods, artists, albums etc. and an online radio. With its unique Wynk Direct, you can share songs offline with other Wynk users.

 Subscription: INR 99 for Android, INR 120 for iPhone and iPod (per month).

Available on: Android, iOS, Mobile Web.

4. Google Play Music

The web giant Google ventured into music streaming in 2011, launching Google Play Music, and finally made its way in India in 2017. It’s a pure subscription-based app, no free music streaming allowed. With Google’s namesake, Play Music comes preinstalled in almost every Android mobile, which makes it easier to reach people. Google also allows listeners to upload upto 50,000 songs of their own on Play Music, making it an interactive music streaming platform.

Once subscribed, user has 35 million music choices to stream from various languages. To have access to Play Music though, you need to have a Google account, which helps you select a genre providing a plethora of both regional and international choices.

Subscription: INR 99 per month

Available on: Android, iOS, Web, Google Home

5Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud has created its own space in the market, with its niche indie content. A German-based company, Sound Cloud was launched in 2011, promoting users to upload, promote and share music across various platforms. It has over 150 million tracks and keeps growing, the top collection among all the other services.

Sound Cloud allows users to follow their favorite artists and albums to keep track of latest updates, even letting them like, comment and share the posts. It differs from other music players as it doesn’t include many licensed songs. It has a vast collection of audio books and podcasts from different genres.

Subscription: Free

Available on: Android, iOS, Web, UWP, Xbox

The list goes on to include YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Jio Music, Hungama Play, Shazam, LetsTuneup, etc. which has their own unique UI. All of them are best in their own category; what to choose from these is upto your preferences and likes.


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