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Five characters who won our hearts


1. Dhruv (Little Things):

Do you remember this nerdy guy seen with the super gorgeous curly head? Yes, it’s Dhruv the one who played the role of an adorable boyfriend in Little Things opposite Mithila Palkar as Kavya. The Dice Media series had a cute and positive review with many people admiring Dhruv Sehgal’s character as boyfriend goals. He’s the typical boy next door and charming in his own ways, always wooing not only Kavya but our hearts too. The character is a representation of a boy of the current generation with language slang and technology friendly behavior. Also, the way he is shown taking care of his girlfriend are some real qualities everyone will like to watch.

2. Nazia (The Trip):

Nazia from The Trip 2 is fun loving and funniest female character you will ever come across. Her jokes, funny facial expressions, her best friends’ ‘gyaan” is something hilarious. Nazia is shown fun loving, overwhelming personality which everyone will love to have in life. What you can learn from her is not to take things too seriously, to which of course every person’s heart gives importance. This single lady will also give you an insight on how to enjoy being single and make your best friend bachelorette a kickass one.

3. Meera (Girl in the city):

Meera Sehgal from the girl in the city shown on an adventurous journey of a small-town girl making her big steps in Mumbai. Meera who is basically grown in  Dehradun comes to Mumbai to pursue her dreams in the fashion industry. From bragging her first internship in a big fashion house she sets her marks on her work. Unfortunately, she has to face many problems when it comes to the growth of her career. But apart from that Meera is shown as a strong girl not giving up on her dreams. Every girl can find a “Meera” in her by just doing what she feels is right. A full-of-life girl, who will give you a smile at the end of the series with the clarity of thoughts and on what she wants and how big her dreams are. A basic show with a genre of drama and youth romance catches everyone’s eyes on Meera. The role played by Mithila Palkar makes it sweeter.

4. Kukoo (Sacred Games):

Many of the sacred games fan may love Sartaj, Gaitonde, Bunty but one girl who also stole the limelight was Kukoo. Kukoo who is shown as transgender in Sacred Games portrayed a strong woman with her confidence in her magic. The character perfection in the scenes from the way she walks, to her talking style, masculine voice and the ability to pursue both the role of a man and a woman is shown as a fine thread. Mainly how the whole world should not come to know who she is, and the portrayal was an altogether a different task. The role not only broke the typical stereotype about transgenders that they are filmed or showed in a particular manner but also made us realize how difficult it is for any human being to live a life in a certain way. Some scenes where she strongly stands for love and Gaitonde are well executed. Though her looks may seem negative, she is everything whom we can give hearts. Hearts for you Kukoo.

After Sacred Games, People Asked Kubbra Sait If She’s Actually A Transgender In Real Life!

5. Katekar (Sacred Games):

Raise your Hand if you are a Katekar fan. Who doesn’t love Katekar? Katekar is a junior constable in Sacred Games played by a Marathi well-known actor Jitendra Joshi. Katekar gave us some of the real-life lessons on truth, family bond, work loyalty, and mainly Respect. Katekar was liked by the people with a perspective that he was shown in real simple manner. His scenes showing true affection towards his daily work will make you like him. It is true that many people genuinely hated the fact when this character died in Season 1.

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