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Flashback Friday: Short Films which Left their Mark in 2018


Best Short Film 2018

Another gift of 2018 was the attention short films gained, with their ability to grip the viewers in a mere few minutes by interesting storylines within limited, short time. Short films have always existed, but the increasing popularity of web entertainment, with its content freedom, low budget, and wide reach, has lured not only story-tellers but also big names from the film industry to create short films. Here’s a list of short films created in 2018, that rebuilds your faith in filmmaking.

#1 – Matched!


Channel: Arré & Teeli.

Director: Anahad Madhav, Arbab Hussain.

A match between India and Pakistan, courtesy of Tinder. Sameer and Maya connect with each other on a profound level, with a whole country’s border between them. Refreshing, introspective and simply brilliant, Matched is a unique take on the infamous India-Pak relation.

#2 – Aaba… Aiktay Naa

Aaba… Aiktay Naa

Channel: Pocket Films.

Director: Aditya Suhas Jambhale.

Aaba, an old man leading a perfect retirement life, has a loving family who takes care of him until he loses his hearing ability. An extraordinary depiction of senility and perception, this film reinforces the old adage ‘there’s more to it than meets the eye’.

#3 – The Other Way

The Other Way

Channel: Large Short Films.

Director: Imtiaz Ali.

Arjun and Reva develop instant chemistry when they meet at a wedding- Reva’s wedding. This ‘scandalous’ affair shines a light on millennials idea of love, our ever-present fear of commitment, and shows an angle of the youth that is almost always ridiculed- confusion.

#4 – Toffee


Channel: Eros Now.

Director: Tahira Kashyap.

A reminiscent tale of innocence and friendship, Tania and Ritu, two girls from a different class who meet once a year in summer break, strike an affable relation, overcoming social divisions and creating their own sweet little world.

#5 – The Playboy Mr. Sawhney

The Playboy Mr. Sawhney

Channel: Large Short Films.

Director: Tariq Naveb Siddiqui.

Yashpal Sawhney, a former playboy, is approached by his grandson for a relationship advise, resulting in a trip down memory lane. An outstanding piece of art and craft, it is an introspective piece on love and life.

#6 – Mohammad And Urvashi

Mohammad And Urvashi

Channel: Humara Movie.

Director: Vivek Agnihotri.

An outstanding piece of filmmaking, this short film sheds light on the most basic human conflict- the daily battle we fight between good vs. bad, virtue vs. sin– the human fight against our own conscience portrayed impeccably by the character Mohammad.

#7 – Detour


Channel: Pocket Films.

Director: Sumi Mathai.

Aarav and Nimisha, by a twist of technology and fate, share a cab ride home in the midnight Mumbai. Mutual taste in music bonds these two strangers into an interesting conversation, emphasizing how two people can form a beautiful connection, no strings attached.

#8 – Roop Ki Rani

Roop Ki Rani

Channel: Humara Movie.

Director: Rohit Mittal.

An unusual heist story where the burglar, Roop, falls in love with the occupant of the house, Rani. A bizarre and surreal take on reality turns out to be unique and interesting.

#9 – The Bomb

The Bomb

Channel: SonyLIV.

Director: Shiva Natrajan.

A poor, unemployed man is lured to plant bombs around the city in exchange for some money. This dark comedy portrays the desperation born out of hopelessness and survival instinct perfectly.

#10 – Kanika


Channel: Girliyapa.

Director: Pranav Bhasin.

Centered around child abuse, this film is a chilling take on ignorance and innocence of a kid and how we as a society need to take better care and be clear.

“Filmmaking is both an art and a craft,” and these pieces do perfect justice to this saying. So what are you waiting for? Enthralling wold of storytelling awaits you.

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