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Flashback Friday: Web Series that Took 2018 by Storm


Best Web Series 2018

2018 has been the best year for the entertainment biz. It brought ‘Content is king’ to the fore in such an astonishing way, eliminating all beliefs about what makes a movie, or a show successful- not a star cast nor a lavish setting- but the plot. The storyline. And most importantly, it was the year of web entertainment boom. With outstanding content resulting into great web series, feature films and short films, web industry grabbed everybody’s attention; and it didn’t hurt to have the prominent faces and names of the movie industry gracing it. Here is a list of web series that made 2018 bearable.

#1 – Sacred Games

Channel: Netflix.

Director: Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane.

Sartaj Singh, a cop based in Mumbai, gets a phone call from the infamous crime lord Ganesh Gaitonde, unfolding a chain of events so thrilling and dark, it changes his whole life. The brilliant crime-thriller is a peek at Mumbai’s dark underbelly- the game of religions and politics.

#2 – What The Folks, Season 2

Channel: Dice Media.

Director: Omar Iyar, Sumeet Arora, Ruchir Arun.

Nikhil and Anita are all settled in Mumbai when Nikhil’s parents pay them a visit. Anita, the perfectionist, is failing to make it all perfect while Nikhil is as laid-back as ever. Until his sister, Shreya arrives. The bitter-sweet drama that unfolds thereafter reminds how the family has your back, against all odds.

#3 – Yeh Meri Family

Channel: The Viral Fever (TVF).

Director: Sameer Saxena.

Families can be annoyingly sweet. Harshal Gupta, a 12-year-old, introduces his family and their story- the ups and downs they face in their daily lives. A nostalgic trip down memory lane, it proves to be a refreshing and engaging family drama.

#4 – Mirzapur

Channel: Amazon Prime Video.

Director: Gurmmeet Singh, Karan Anshuman, Mihir Desai.

Munna, the son of the crime lord of Mirzapur, accidentally shoots a groom in a wedding procession, leading him to cross path with Guddu and Bablu Pandit, two normal guys. In a twist of fate, these two gets involved in the nit-grit of the mafia, changing their lives for better and worse.

#5 – Broken But Beautiful

Channel: ALTBalaji.

Director: Santosh Singh.

Veer and Sameera, two broken souls, are trying to mend their hearts and love again. on the journey of healing and finding themselves again, a beautiful story unfolds, shedding light on heartbreak, love, and friendship.

#6 – ARRived

Channel: YouTube.

Director: Aniruddh Dikhit, Saahil Chhabria.

A musical reality show, in search of an original voice for the movie Zero, judged by A. R. Rahman, Shaan, Clinton Cerejo, and Vidya Iyer. The musical journey is a fresh breathe among the mediocre reality shows, with new talent and tons of versatility.

#7 – Little Things, Season 2

Channel: Netflix.

Director: Ruchir Arun.

Love, sometimes, cannot be enough. It’s the dedication to hold on and respect your companion that prevails. Kavya and Dhruv represent the millennials and their quest at balancing love, work, and friendships, effectively.

#8 – Breathe

Channel: Amazon Prime Video.

Director: Mayank Sharma.

Danny Mascarenhas is desperate to save his son Josh, who suffers from weak lungs condition and doesn’t have long to live. The crime drama explores the dark reality of how far one could go to save their loved ones.

#9 – Side Hero

Channel: Eros Now.

Director: Rohan Sippy.

Kunal Kapur, a struggling supporting actor, is trying to find his footing in the Hindi film industry aka Bollywood. In his quest to get “the big break”, Kapur encounters various facets of the industry in a satiric way.

#10 – Imperfect

Channel: The Zoom Studios.

Director: Ruchi Joshi, Vidhi Gulati.

Isha Sanghavi is going through a mid-life crisis- got dumped, lost her job and no home. Enjoy her imperfect journey toward perfection, filled with goofiness, adventures, and fun.

If you haven’t yet watched these, trust me, you’re missing out on a lot of amazing entertainment. So? Holidays are here, go ahead and fill them with love, music, crime, and thriller!

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