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Flipkart Video’s Zindagi inShorts: A Delectable Anthology Presenting A Whole Gamut of Bittersweet Stories


Flipkart teamed up with Guneet Monga’s Sikhya Entertainment for its latest Flipkart Video Original series, Zindagi inShort, an anthology of seven short films, each presenting a powerful and extraordinary tale based in ordinary life. Find out more!

Flipkart's short film series Zindagi inshort editorial poster


Witnessing the successes of streaming platforms in India, several traditionally non-streaming services jumped on the OTT bandwagon last year in order to attract a wider audience. One of them was Flipkart, the Walmart-owned e-commerce and online shopping platform. Initially, Flipkart’s video streaming service provided curated content from various channels, but now, the platform has ventured into original content with ‘Flipkart Video Originals.’ After releasing its first original, Backbenchers, a celebrity game-show starring Farah Khan as the host, Flipkart is back with another new original, titled ‘Zindagi inShort’, available to stream exclusively on the mobile app.

Zindagi inShort is an anthology series of seven genre-diverse bittersweet slice-of-life stories presented as short films, produced by Guneet Monga’s Sikhya Entertainment in collaboration with Flipkart. Each helmed by a different director, the seven versatile stories are powerful tales of extraordinary happenings in ordinary lives. Here’s a glimpse:

  1. Pinni:

Directed by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana, Pinni emerges as a well-crafted short film revolving around a neglected and taken-for-granted housewife, Sudha, excellently portrayed by Neena Gupta, who takes on the role with ease. Her daughter and relatives call her only when they want the sweet Pinni that she makes. Her own husband (Shishir Sharma) fails to show any appreciation towards his wife.

Neglected by all, Sudha seeks comfort in the kitchen, accompanied by the cheeky domestic help (Srishti Srivastava). Tired and inspired, she decides to take the matters in her own hands with a powerful protest, while staying true to her own quiet and docile nature.

  1. Swaaha:

Smrutika Panigrahi’s Swaaha follows a married couple who find themselves arguing over infidelity in the middle of a family wedding. When the rich and insecure husband (Deepak Dobriyal) is tipped off about his pretty wife (Isha Talwar) having an affair, it leads to a wicked argument between this couple of convenience.

The marital drama unfolds as the two keep inching towards divorce in the middle of a celebration and struggle to outwit and gain edge over each other in the argument, with the playful (and borderline salacious) back-and-forth between the two taking the form of some hilarious agony.

  1. Nano So Phobia:

Nano So Phobia by Rakesh Sain combines the genres of psychological thrillers and home-invasion stories, presenting it in an unexpectedly different essence. The short film follows an old and lonely Parsi lady (Swaroop Sampat) who is supposedly heading towards senility, and has been left traumatised by a horrifying event from her past.

The whacky narrative reveals twists after twist as she tries to manage her way out of a robbery attempt that she may or may not be imagining again. With the director of critically-acclaimed film Andhadhun, Sriram Raghavan, thanked in the credits, you can guess it’s going to be quite a watch.

  1. Thappad:

Vinay Chawwal’s Thappad takes a pretty familiar theme and presents it in a novel manner. The protagonist of this heart-warming short film is Babloo (Shafin Patel), a young school-going child who wants to defend his elder sister Bani (Vedika Nawani) from a trio of senior boys, one of whom has an unreciprocated liking for her. Zindagi inShort Zindagi inShort Zindagi inShort Zindagi inShort Zindagi inShort Zindagi inShort Zindagi inShort Zindagi inShort

Babloo, an avid fan of superhero comics, decides to step up and be the hero to his sister in a way that will make your hearts melt. The way Thappad has been created makes it unique – the stylized cinematography reflects Babloo’s tiny comic-oriented view of the world, coupled with a background score that suits a hero in a Western genre film.

  1. Sunny Side Upar:

Directed by Vijayta Kumar, Sunny Side Upar follows a young oncologist, Kavya (Rima Kallingal), whose duty hours at the hospital are unending, leaving her wearied out by the day’s end. She is too occupied to care for her own well-being and give some precious time to herself or her loved ones, including her long-time boyfriend (Nakuul Mehta).

When reality hits her in the form of a tragic phone call, her outlook on life completely changes, leaving her in need of the sunshine and hope that she had been giving her patients all this time. After all, sometimes positivity and self-care are all you need to help you stay afloat.

  1. Chhaju Ke Dahi Bhalle:

Gautam Govind Sharma directorial, Chhaju Ke Dahi Bhalle, is a heart-warming tale that captures a familiar theme of inter-faith love, but has its own different charm to the story. The story follows Amrik (Manjot Singh) and Amreen (Aisha Ahmed), who come across each other on a dating site and bond over their mutual likings, but especially their shared love for Dahi Bhalle.

As this youthful and energetic couple decide to finally meet each other at the well-known titular spot, they find themselves separated by a distance not just created by their different religious beliefs, but one that is greater and older than they could imagined.

  1. Sleeping Partner:

Punarvasu Naik’s Sleeping Partner is the hard-hitting one from the lot. The short film revolves around a married woman, Beena (Divya Dutta), subjected to disrespect, humiliation, and sexual abuse by her own husband (Sanjay Kapoor). Suffocated, she finds fulfilment of her desires in another, her husband’s friend (Jitin Gulati).

As she realises the prospect of a respectful life despite the troubles, she decides to set out her own path and deal with issues in a defiantly courageous way. Sleeping Partner explores emotionally-heavy concepts such as love, desire, respect, marital rape, gaslighting, and emancipation within a very short duration and does it well. The ending, however, could’ve been executed better.

These seven short films, spread across different genres, take you through a whole gamut of emotions, tugging at all the right strings in your heart. Definitely the kind of content we’d love to see more of!

Watch The Trailer Here:

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