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January 2019 on the Indian Digital Space: Short Film Edition


short films Release in january 2019
came and went (rather slow if you ask me) but if there was something that made it fun and interesting it was the amazing films that were released. And no, I am not talking about ‘How’s the Josh’ famed Uri (It was amazing though, without a doubt), I am talking about the most brilliant form of filmmaking- the short films. They no longer represent just a medium for the upcoming artists to showcase their talent, no longer perceived as just an amateurish way of filmmaking and these short films by prominent OTT platforms, other than YouTube, are a testament to the art.

  • New Years Eve

New Years Eve

Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).
Director: Pranav Bhasin.

Revolving around a normal young man, who is trying to not spend the dreaded, yet the most anticipated event of the year- the new year’s eve- alone by himself, spins a web of options to ensure he has a good night. But what happens when he gets stuck in the web? Watch this subtle comedy that is bound to remind you of the struggle you on new year’s eve.


  • Khatoon Ki Khidmat


Khatoon Ki Khidmat
Large Short Films (YouTube).
Director: Saheem Khan.

A satire comedy, Khatoon Ki Khidmat is a short film that revolves around a man stuck in the century-old battle between his wife and his family, in this case, his father. Gufran is trying to please his city wife while also trying to respect and abide by his orthodox father’s opinions and views. The funny way he goes round-and-round to find a balance makes you laugh at him but also sympathize with the poor fellow.


  • Dhaaga


Director: Raj R. Gupta.

Siblings can be the biggest pain in our life, but our love for them also knows no bounds. Dhaaga explores one such tale, of Shankar, the kid brother, and Uma, the older sister, who support each other despite their daily cribbing and differences. Shankar is told that protecting his sister is the most cherished and important thing he has to do, no matter what the odds or cost. This thrilling tale of brotherly love will make you sigh in happiness and shiver with the intensity.


  • Khoj


Director: Kajri Babbar.

Ever heard the term ‘Holiday Wives’? It’s not as light or fun as it may sound. Khoj touches the fine line of reality and fiction, revolving around Gurri, a small town Punjabi girl who gets married to an NRI (Non-Residential Indian), a dream come true for her. She soon realizes that her dreams were nothing but a mirage. A surreal take on the serious situation the majority of us are unaware of, Khoj leaves you introspecting.


  • Shame


Anusha Bose.
Director: Large Short Films (YouTube).

There comes a script that is raw and brutal in a way that makes you uncomfortable; you’re amazed by it when you don’t want to be. Shame is that film. Fanny is a meek, unassuming woman working as a housekeeping staff at a high-end hotel. In a moment of weakness, she surrenders to temptation, blurring the line between two worlds. The utter chaos that unfolds after that leaves you in a conflict of opinion, same as the character.


  • Faded


Humara Movie (YouTube).
Director: Heena Dsouza.

Love. The next thing that comes to mind is ‘happily ever after’ (you can thank Bollywood and Disney for that). But the reality isn’t often a smooth ride down the lane, definitely not in love. Faded is a mesmerizing tale of love, and all the phases it travels through- to come out stronger or just wither away in the afterglow? That’s for you to find out.


  • Beans Aloo


Beans Aloo
Blush (YouTube).
Director: Sharad Das Gupta.

A simple conversation with your mother on a lazy afternoon with your favorite food. What more can one ask for? Meera is enjoying one such moment with her mother when the conversation takes a dramatic turn with the differing opinions of the two on motherhood. A simple and sweet tale of two generations and their perspective on life leaves you with a lot of lessons. And not the boring ones!


  • Yesterday


Terribly Tiny Tales (YouTube).
Director: Ronak Chugh.

We all have had that one day- the most happening 24-hours of our life. Gautam is having one of those days. He goes out on a date for the first time via an app, gets his phone stolen, and learns his ex is getting married. A brilliant cinematic experience, Yesterday takes you on Gautam’s journey of moving on with his life, from his bad day and his break up.


  • A RevolT


A RevolT
Nritya Shakti (YouTube).
Director(s): Yashasvi Juyal and Viraj Sikand.

A docudrama on the widely acclaimed dancer Shakti Mohan, A RevolT is a film that takes the viewers on the introspective and engaging journey through Shakti’s life of dancing, with a strong undertone of women empowerment at its core.


  • One By Two


One By Two
Cheers! (YouTube).
Director: Prathamesh Patil.

The bond of roommates is as unique as it is special. Hardik and Lovely have been roomies for four years, but now it’s time for the inevitable separation. They take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, summing up the fun and crazy years they have had, making you laugh along with the familiarity and shenanigans. A funny yet sentimental film, One By Two leave you with a wistful smile on your face.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your dose of amazing content, go binge-watch!

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