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January 2019 on the Indian Digital Space: Web Series Edition.


Top web series in January 2019
January seems to be the quintessential ‘Monday’ – slow, boring, tiresome, and dragging on for far too long than required. However, the Indian Web was all the rage and continued to gain its footing with some interesting, fascinating, thrilling, and I must say, diverse content, finding its place on the little (and some, not so little) screens.

Here are six web series that shed away January’s sluggishness, and gave us the entertainment that we so desperately needed:

#1 – The Investigation:
The Investigation
Eros Now.
Director: Nitesh Singh.

If you’re a fan of crime and thriller, then this intense Eros Now Quickie web series is for you. The Investigation revolves around Mumbai Crime Branch’s ACP Officer named Vishal Gaikwad (played by Hiten Tejwani), who is handed a murder mystery to solve – a case that will change his life forever.

#2 – Gandii Baat 2:
Gandii Baat 2
Director: Sachin Mohite.

Gandii Baat returned for a second season this year with new tales from the deep rural regions and a renewed focus on women standing up to patriarchy in one way or another. The anthology consisted of four different women and their twisted tales of love, lust, lies, and lasciviousness.

#3 – Tum Se Na Ho Paayega:
Tum Se Na Ho Paayega
Eros Now.
Director: Karl Katgara.

Yet another Eros Now Quickie, and this time a situational comedy! Tum Se Na Ho Paayega follows a young computer engineer named Balam Singh a.k.a. Bala (played by Akash Deep Arora) who moves from a small town to his city of dreams, Mumbai, and is exposed to the urban life and the corporate work culture for the first time. The show has its fill of hilarious, quirky, and bizarre characters.

#4 – Parchayee:
Director: V. K. Prakash, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury.

Are you brave enough to walk the haunted corridors of the Indian Web on a dark night? ZEE5’s web series, Parchayee, is an anthology of horrifying tales adapted from the works of the renowned author Ruskin Bond. So far, two such stories have been brought to the screens – ‘The Ghost in the Garden’, and ‘The Wind on Haunted Hill’, with a third one ‘The Overcoat’ arriving mid-Feb.

#5 – Enaaya:
Eros Now.
Director: Wajahat Sauf.

High School Musical meets Camp Rock on the transnational web with this series. Enaaya is a Pakistani Original web series on Eros Now (not a Quickie this time!) revolving around a talented girl, Enaaya (played by Mehwish Hayat) who dabbles in music. After being roped in by a college band, she embarks on a rhythmic journey filled with ever-strengthening friendship, insane love stories, crazy drama, and of course, really good music.

#6 – Four More Shots Please!:
Four More Shots Please!
Amazon Prime.
Director: Anu Menon.

Four More Shots Please!’ revolves around four urban women with a tightly-knit friendship frequenting their favorite hangout bar, where they live, love, talk, and make hasty decisions about life with recklessness and tequila shots. The web series casually touches upon topics deemed taboo and unconventional in the society and will surely make misogynists cower in fear.

That’s all folks! Here’s all that arrived this month and it’s still not late to go on that refreshing binge-watch session. Go on, then! Happy watching!

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