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MensXP’s Love On The Rocks: An Anthology on the Multiple Facets of Millennial Love


mensxp love on the rocks

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, MensXP has released eight tales of love and modern relationships on their YouTube channel. The web series, basically an anthology of short films, is titled ‘Love On The Rocks’ – and touches upon various aspects of love and relationships, including the complexities that lie therein.

This V-Day, Love is not in the air, Love is on the rocks. Here’s a glimpse into each of the eight tales on millennial love:

#1 – Swipe Right:

Dating apps have recently become a fad in this country, but is it really that simple to find a perfect match online? Can you actually judge a person based on their social media profiles?

Swipe Right takes you through one such tale of an online match yet a real mismatch. Namit (Ankush Bahuguna) and Meera (Auritra Ghosh), after getting matched on a dating app, decide to finally meet each other over dinner. However, things don’t turn out to be as well as they thought.

Watch it here: 

#2 – Table For Two:

Love is in the air, in the cafés too. But are you willing to take a chance with love, regardless if it may work out or not?

In Table For Two, Gaurav (Satyajeet Dubey) decides to take his chance. While handling his father’s café in Delhi, he sees a beautiful customer walk in and he goes out of his way to impress the girl. It doesn’t seem to work out for him, does it? Will the girl, Tithi (Meghana Kaushik), be impressed?

Watch it here:

#3 – Night Out:

It is said that the world can change overnight, and for some people, it really does. Sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected places and times.

Ameera (Shriya Pilgaonkar) walks into the balcony of her apartment and gets locked out of her house. Like a savior comes Rishab (Aditya Ubare) to her rescue. As Ed Sheeran sings in Thinking Out Loud, “People fall in love in mysterious ways”, this short film really is a tale of love blossoming in the most unforeseen circumstances.

Watch it here:

#4 – Coco Ki Custody:

When two people in love opt for cohabitation, a.k.a. ‘live-in relationships’, sharing becomes the norm. And when things go downhill, begins a war of division. But what happens when it comes to things that have memories attached to them by both the partners?

Coco Ki Custody’ comes down to one such scenario. Ghungroo (Megha Burman) and Diljeet (Veer Rajwant Singh), after hitting a series of lows in their relationship have decided to amicably separate. While dividing their assets, they come down to one question – Who will get Coco, the cat?

Watch it here:

#5 – Gluten Free Love:

Cheating is a sudden impulsive decision for some, and a habitual illness for some. Cheating takes all the taste out of love, and it is only the perpetrator who can stop themselves from committing the crime.

Gluten Free Love’ follows Kanan (Nitin Mirani) who brings Neha (Yashika Verma) back home from a bar. She is unaware that he already has a girlfriend, Aisha (Eisha Chopra), and is cheating on Aisha with her. However, the guilt of his crime starts haunting Kanan. Will he change himself or go ahead with Neha?

Watch it here: 

#6 – Pride:

‘Boy meets Girl, they fall in love, jump to happily ever after’ is such a clichéd affair. What happens when Boy meets Girl, they fall in love, but due to circumstances they both assume they aren’t compatible, and decide to go their own ways?

‘Pride’ follows Sudhir (Dhruv Sehgal) and Gunjan (Shibani Bedi) who meet while helping their friends from the LGBTQ+ community co-ordinate activities for the Mumbai Pride Parade. While they seem to be drawn together, they have their own misplaced assumptions that keep them at a distance.

Watch it here: 

#7 – Doodho Nahao Pooto Phalo:

Even after the advent of online marriage portals, the process of marriage in India remains the same. The guy visits the girl’s home with a ‘rishta’, and it goes forward (or doesn’t) from that point. But sometimes, things aren’t what they seem to be.

In ‘Doodho Nahao Pooto Phalo’, Nikhil (Ayush Mehra) brings a marriage proposal for Radhika (Sharmila Sharma) after both express their approval for a meeting between families. However, there’s a twist, a surprising one. Will everything falls into place and the two get together?

Watch it here:

#8 – Troll Naka:

The Internet is flooded with trolls – people who want to start fights, offend others and provoking them into an aggressive response, just for the sake of self-amusement. But what happens if a mutual meaningless dislike brings two closer?

Troll Naka’ brings two such online trolls together. Saransh a.k.a. ‘Ninja Chacha’ and ‘Street Fighter Chun Lee’ are doing their usual trolling online, only to find out that they’re both from the same town. What happens when two trolls come face to face? Is love possible between two loud mouths like these?

Watch it here:

With diverse storylines, MensXP’s Love On The Rocks will definitely give you an interesting insight into the troubles of a modern-day millennial romance. We’re sure that when you watch one, you won’t stop until you’re done with all.

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