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MensXP’s Write India Shorts – An Anthology of Sweet, Bitter, Twisted Love.


MensXP’s New Anthology – Write India Shorts

After its previous anthology series ‘Love on the Rocks’, MensXP is back with yet another web series, titled ‘Write India Shorts’, a collection of short stories that have been adapted for the screen.

The stories find their origin in the Write India initiative by Times of India (TOI), a writing contest wherein celebrity authors give a short story prompt each month, which is then opened up to the public to use in their original short story. The top 10 winners are then chosen by the TOI Editorial team, out of which the celebrity author of the month selects the best. The winning entries are then published into a book. TOI’s Write India is currently in its third season, in collaboration with Wattpad.

Write India Shorts’ picks up three stories of love – twisted, tumultuous, and enduring – from the first season of Write India. Take a look:

#1 – Goodbye Love:

Goodbye Love, written by Ameeta Anand and curated by Ashwin Sanghi, is a twisted tale of a fairy-tale love come true and gone sour. Just two months after her divorce, Isha (Kusha Kapila) ends up meeting Vivaan (Ankush Bahuguna). As their meetings increase, love begins to blossom and soon enough, Vivaan moves in with Isha. However, things become stranger and stranger as time passes by.

“For me to live, he had to die.” – How did it come to this? Is true love real, or is it just a figment of our imagination?

Watch it here:

#2 – How Blue is my Sapphire?

‘How Blue is my Sapphire?’, written by Shylin Sam and curated by Anita Nair, is an interesting tale that coalesces mental health, relationships, love, hatred, and outlook towards life, together into a 15-minute short film, with a unique style of narration. Justin (Ankush Bahuguna) and Sheela (Prapti Elizabeth) meet through a dating app and instantly click with each other. As the relationship takes off, issues from the past and present start haunting and eating away at their love and their lives over time.

How long will they hold on to the past? Is it destined to be a tragedy? Can they recover from this?

Watch it here:

#3 – Just Another Love Story:

Just Another Love Story, written by Shachee Desai and curated by Madhuri Banerjee, is exactly what the name suggests – just another love story, except one where love transcends the boundaries of religion. Gayathri (Prapti Elizabeth) and Syed (Gaurav Bansal) chance upon each other in a coffee store through a book, and eventually fall in love.

Their biggest trouble seems to be their prejudiced families, who may not accept this relationship. Will they be separated by the boundary of religion? Or will their love break down the wall? It’s a simple tale, with a familiar plotline, yet gives off a feeling of warmth and hope that is rarely prevalent in stories carrying similar themes.

Watch it here:

The short films try to give a different perspective on love, amalgamating the influence of elements such as relationships, mental health, perception, religion, tragedy, and the like, within them.

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