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Not So Hidden Talents of Your Talented Actors


These are the people you know. The artists who have created their large, niche fan base with their acting and performances. The entertainment business brought them fame and recognition, but the persona that gives life to characters on screen, also hides a talent that gets chalked up as hobby. So let’s find out what your favorite celebrities do off screen, when they are not making you laugh and cry on screen.

1. Parikshit Joshi:

Parikshit Joshi

With his boy next door charm, Parikshit has become popular with the Web Audiences through The Screen Patti’s (TSP) Hum Tum. He is very much amiable amongst the ladies, frequenting in a lot of videos by TSP, but if you thought his acting could charm you off, wait till you read his poetry. Apart from working his magic on screen, Parikshit has a way with words that will leave you in awe. He is also the writer of two of TSP’s web series- Weekends, and Zeroes.

Here’s a snippet for you:

2. Kenny Sebastian:

Kenny Sebastian

One thing Kenny Sebastian makes sure of is, every time he is on stage, people LOL.  With his cute accent and clever jokes and good comic timing, he is amongst the top stand-up comedians. He is an on stage comedian but off stage, a musician. All in all, a package wrapped with humor of a jester and voice of an angel.

Here’s ‘Kenneth’ singing:

3. Tanuj Virwani:

Tanuj Virwani

The tall, dark, and handsome Tanuj Virwani, has created his very own fan base with his few but impressive characters. From lover boy to villain, he leaves his mark behind with the viewers with his acting. Acting is not the only aspect of filmmaking he excels at, though. Tanuj has donned the hat of Director and Writer, as he released a short film, Scent Of A Woman, for his own production house Pin Drop Violence Films.

Watch the film here:

4. Arunoday Singh:

Arunoday Singh

Arunoday Singh is the guy whose characters work as catalysts to the movie’s plot- somehow blending in yet standing out, and not only because of his height. The cute giant is not only a spectacular actor but also a poet and an artist. Through ink, he weaves words and pictures that will awaken the dreamer in you.

Here’s a look at his work:

5. Zakir Khan:

Zakir Khan

This Sakht Launda has been melting hearts with his on-point humor. His honest humor and perspective of mundane day-to-day activities through his fun lens makes everything laughable and relatable. His keen observance, perfect timing and relatable but unique perspective are not only seen in his comedy but also in his write ups. If his comic pieces can make you cry with laughter, his shayaris will make you shed tears of longing.

Take a look at Zakir, the shayar:

Gaow ke baare me hai, shayad meri kalpana thodi purani hai. Par yahin hai mera Gaow ki samjh. Padhiyega agar waqt ho toh. #poetry #kavita #hindikavita #shayari

Zakir Khan यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २७ मे, २०१९



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