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Sacred Games – What Next? (Predictions for Season 2)


Sacred Games is one of the greatest things to happen to the Indian Web Entertainment Industry. It is Netflix’s first Indian original series, and stars excellent actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and Radhika Apte in the lead, working alongside an ensemble cast full of talented actors.

Released on July 6th 2018, Sacred Games has managed to impress not only the Indian audience, but also the critics. Of course, we expect nothing less from the two of the biggest filmmakers in Bollywood – Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane.

The popular series has a gripping storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seats the whole time. Be it the plot with its twists and turns, the characters with their own arcs or the relationships between them, the script, or the cinematography – It is all top-notch.

What has raised a lot of questions as well as speculation is the Ending of Sacred Games. The 8th episode – Yayati. The last episode has a lot of clues left behind which are only triggering a wave of speculation and fan theories about what could happen next.

Possibilities of what the next season (or seasons) could focus on:

(Spoilers ahead! Consider yourself warned.)

Back-story of other characters:

The series has yet to explore the stories of various characters.

  • Jojo and Zoya: Jojo was shot dead by Gaitonde in the very first episode. Through other characters, we learn that she was a pimp who sent aspiring actresses to Gaitonde. Zoya, now a Bollywood actress, is very afraid after Jojo’s body was discovered. In the flashback of Gaitonde’s story, we see Zoya being sent to his prison cell to seduce him. The story could focus on Jojo and Zoya’s story, answering questions like why was Jojo killed and what other secret is Zoya hiding.
  • Guruji: Guruji is expected to play a much bigger role in the further seasons. We will explain more about his involvement, in the next section.
  • Bipin Bhosale: How did he go from a new aspiring politician to the Home Minister? The show may cover his storyline as well.

Sartaj Singh and his family:

What role does Sartaj Singh have to play in this? Why only him? Surely, his father Dilbagh Singh’s relation with Gaitonde must not be the only reason. In the last scene, Gaitonde was taken out of prison. Are Gaitonde and Dilbagh still in touch after his escape?

We are also clueless about Sartaj’s wife who left him. Why did she leave? Will Sartaj’s personal life become a part of his professional life in the future?

Somehow, due to some reason, it is possible that Sartaj may be the only one who has the capability or the brahmastra to be able to stop this attack? Or will he end up being the one triggering it?

Gaitonde’s Three Fathers and the Master Plan:

The ones who have watched, or should I say, binge-watched the entire series, will remember Ganesh Gaitonde’s three fathers – Trivedi, Bhosale, and a god-man referred to as Guruji. We remember Gaitonde’s statement that at the end of 25 days, everyone will die except Trivedi. In the very last scene, Sartaj Singh finds Trivedi in the bunker.

There are a lot of people who think that Trivedi is dead. He very well could be. However, when Sartaj looks around the bunker, we can observe a lot of things that indicate towards life and survival – food supplies, water, and an air supply line. There is also a gas mask, and a Geiger counter. This could mean one thing – Trivedi, as Gaitonde said, is, or was, meant to survive the upcoming threat that was doing to be the doom of Mumbai.

It is also possible that Trivedi was heavily sedated, and will wake up to survive the ordeal where the entire city is reduced to ashes. The blood on his body, instead of a bullet wound, could be from a struggle to prevent sedation or his attempts to escape.

A Geiger counter, which is used to measure radiation, indicates something of a nuclear level. Also, in the opening credits, there is a section where we see a ball of energy erupting into a nuclear explosion, just as Vikramaditya Motwane’s name appears. Is it hinting towards such an attack meant to wipe out Mumbai?

Guruji, the third father, could be the mastermind behind the whole thing. Back during the Babri Masjid demolition and the ensuing riots, Guruji had made a statement that all of this would end in 25 years. This indicates an extremely long and well-thought plan for revenge.  Guruji might be behind Gaitonde’s arrest as well as his release in the last scene. Gaitonde mentions hearing a voice that says, “Gaitonde, you’ll live.” The voice could possibly belong to Guruji. Gaitonde’s escape from prison has also raised questions. Did Guruji plan his escape to gain favor from Gaitonde so he could involve him in his plan?

What if the original plan was to keep Gaitonde in the bunker, and in the aftermath of the war, let him walk out as a phoenix rising from the ashes? A leader.  A god. A Commander in the holy war.

However, Gaitonde probably backed out from this catastrophic plan that would destroy his home city, and decided to throw Trivedi in instead, as his response to the whole plan. Bhosale once does mention that Gaitonde had betrayed them and is a traitor.

Bhosale, in the last episode, also indicates towards a religious conflict, a war. There was also a massive consignment of weaponry discovered.

It is quite possible that Sacred Games will take the Quantico route – extremist Hindutva elements planning a nuclear attack on Mumbai and blaming it on the Muslims (involvement of Malcom, a Muslim, in this Hindutva plot could indicate as an aid for the blame game), triggering a massive nation-wide campaign for India to come under their absolute domination and control. The Holy War; The Sacred Games.



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