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Sparsh, Touching Souls with Music, Since 2010


From local gigs to collaborating with big brands like Drishyam, Sparsh: The Band has created a space for their versatile music in the industry. The five-piece band consists of Rahul Bhavsar (Guitarist and founder), Ajinkya Jadhav (Bass guitarist), Soham Pathak (Lead Vocalist), Nikhil Pachpande (Keyboardist) and Virendra Kaith (Drummer), based from Mumbai.

Aspiring to form their own band someday, Rahul and Ajinkya started their little jamming sessions at creeks and factories, with the passerby’s and workers as their audience. Soon after though, they started looking for a singer and percussionist; hence finding Soham, Nikhil and Rahul, commencing the grooving journey of Sparsh. They claim to be inspired by Lucky Ali, Kings of Leon, Kailasa and A. R. Rahman, even covering a few of their songs.

Incidentally, Kailash Kher on his birthday this year, July 7th, launched Sparsh along with AR Divine at an event ‘Nayi Udaan’, continuing with his newfound tradition of launching fresh and talented faces. He explained that to save humanity and its passion, he felt the need to nurture music and arts and be committed to it, just as we are to the great cause of saving Earth and nature. Sparsh, carefully chosen and curated by Kher himself, performed outstandingly at the event, showcasing their wide range of compositions.

Not restraining themselves to a specific genre, the band has various originals to their credit such as Ab Jaag Jaa, Samandar, Kashti etc. Their first achievement was winning Hindi Band Competition at IIT’s Mood Indigo in 2011, thrusting them in the limelight. Gradually they started singing at various college festivals, city events, made a cameo appearance in Ritesh Deshmukh’s film Banjo, in 2016 and collaborated with Drishyam Play for their new song Khoye Ho Kyu, in December 2017.

Ajinkya, Virendra and Soham have also worked for BhaDiPa Music Diaries: Lokmat Santawani Feat. The Soham Pathak Project by Bharatiya Digital Party (BhaDiPa), a regional entertainment channel on YouTube.

Sparsh released a poster on their social handle on September 17th, announcing the video launch of their single Manzil.

We hope this indie rock band will continue to sing to our hearts with their soul-stirring music.

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