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Best of 2019: Short Films that Make You Want to Come Back for More


Among all the award-winning and acclaimed short films, we choose for you the top 10 best Indian short films that cane out in 2019, Take a look.

Top 10 Best Indian Short Films Of 2019 collage

It’s that time of the year. Between a lot of short films being released by newcomers and veterans alike, one is sure to get confused between which ones make it to the ‘watch again’ list. Let us make it easier for you: here are the top 10 short films 2019 offered us, that are wholesome in both their art and craft.

1. Period. End of Sentence.

Channel: Netflix.

Director: Rayka Zehtabchi.

We like to think of ourselves as a modern generation/society. Netflix’s Period makes you rethink all of it as it takes you through rural India, where the most basic function of a woman’s life, menstruation, is treated as a taboo. Despite it all though, there are some revolutionary women who have taken a step in changing the stigmatized period as a topic everyone can comfortably discuss and act upon in a healthy manner.

2. A Monsoon Date

Channel: Eros Now.

Director: Tanuja Chandra.

Another short film that will leave you to introspect upon the humanity aspect we so pride ourselves in. Starring Konkona Sen Sharma, the film subtly yet impactfully portrays the life of a transsexual woman who is always met with derision, disappointment or disgust whenever she tells her lovers her identity. A beautiful tale of lovesickness, the film focuses on the age-old battle between nature vs. will.

3. Bouma

Channel: Voot.

Director: Debatma Mandal.

A fun mixture of sci-fi and comedy, Bouma is a quirky tale of revenge- if you can even call it that. Bouma (Bidita Bag) is a beautiful wife to a much older Gobindo (Rajatava Dutta), who is aware of their differences and tries to curtail it by being a domineering and critical male. A dutiful wife, Bouma tolerates it all, until one day her husband dies and a crazy scientist asks her for Gobindo’s body for a scientific experiment. The scientist gets his experiment and Bouma gets her sweet revenge on her dead husband.

4. Mandi

Channel: Kunal Kamra (YouTube).

Director: Yashowardhan Mishra.

Onions were all the rage a few days back due to its sky-high prices. Though we made it into a meme material, this hard-hitting film by Yashowardhan gives you a peak behind the onions conveniently delivered to us in our markets. Revolving around a farmer, it focuses on how the hard-earned money of these workers is looted by middlemen who bring them from villages to city. The price difference will leave you shaken and make you reconsider every morsel of food we waste so carelessly. Farmer suicide is something that has become so common in our country that we don’t even blink an eye when news related to it comes our way. Mandi definitely makes you take notice.

5. Grey

Channel: Voot.

Director: Priya Ven.

A murder mystery like none other, Grey is a short film that keeps you tightly engaged throughout its duration. Police (Brijendra Kala) is investigating Vilky (Abhiroop) for the murder of his wife. An autistic, the police think it’s all a waste of time as Vilky seems innocent to the T, until the exotic bird in his home reveals truth that will leave you as flabbergasted and terrified as the investigating officer.

6. Suno

Channel: Terribly Tiny Tales (YouTube).

Director: Shubham Yogi.

As the film Pink said it, loud and clear, “No means no.” Even if it’s in a marriage. You learn to take certain things for granted when a relationship reaches its stagnancy, knowingly or unknowingly. The short film is a story of a husband (Sumeet Vyas) and wife (Amrita Puri), where the one passionate night, her husband ‘accidentally’ hits her. The film is an embodiment of pressure building until it blows, spewing out truth hard to face.

7. Democracy

Channel: Humaramovie (YouTube).

Director: Aditya Agnihotri.

A perfect film for today’s democratic scenario of the country, this satire portrays the condition of our free, people’s country in the most quintessential manner. A family of four- husband, wife and 2 kids- are discussing where to spend their holiday. While the kids and father are of one opinion, their mother completely disagrees. The father decides to resolve the issue by a fair and square method- by voting. The choice with majority will be chosen, but what transpires is a comical representation of free will.

8. Sheher Ya Tum

Channel: Myoho Films (YouTube).

Director: Karan Asnani.

They say, “Once you’ve lived in Mumbai, no other city feels like home.” Mumbai is a feeling; it has a beat that flows through everyone who lives here. Yahya Bootwala presents this love in a poetic brilliance, where he has to choose between his adoration for the city and the girl who has his heart. Complimented with beautiful shots, this ballad touches your city heart.

9. Laddoo

Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).

Director: Sameer Sadhwani and Kishor Sadhwani.

Children have the most innocent and curious minds. Unless shaped otherwise, they don’t understand the scheming ways of adults. Laddoo presents one such story of a kid who is given the duty of delivering food to his late ancestors in the hindu temple. When he finds the temple closed, and encounters a Maulavi, a stimulating conversation ensues that will leave you rethinkinh all your beliefs.

10. The East Wind

Channel: Humaramovie (YouTube).

Director: Shishir Jha.

The East Wind is an embodiment of how the loss of a loved can leave a gaping hole in your life. Without a single dialogue, the film perfectly portrays how an old man goes on with his life, after his wife’s death.

2019 has offered us some good films, and these were the gems we loved. Here’s hoping 2020 brings such and much more better content for us, and you.

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