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ttt x Yahya Bootwala: The Best Crossover in Digital Storytelling


Yahya Bootwala

What happens when two master word weavers are brought together? They stitch together a magical universe of poetry worth worshipping. Terribly Tine Tales (TTT) has made this possible by collaborating with Yahya Bootwala, the ‘Shayad Woh Pyaar Nahi’ fame storyteller/poet/performance artist. If you haven’t already, listen to this mini-series of 3 poems performed by Yahya and produced by Terribly Tiny Talkies, the video division under ttt.

  1. Half-Day: Finding the perfect balance in life is difficult. First assignments then work. Here is Yahya, leaving us nodding along with his words when it comes to chasing our dreams, maintaining work and life, like a juggler. What happens when you let one ball fall? Find out.

  1. Write Your Own Story: We love movies and books because they have a story we all love and want. But what about your life? Your story? Who’s going to write it? If you are not the first person that comes to your mind after reading that question, then this is a video you should watch.

  1. Unhappily Ever After: Who doesn’t love a happily ever after? We are all pining after happy endings- Disney and Bollywood made sure of it. But then content like The Fault In Our Stars come along and leaves a bittersweet feeling about endings. So how overrated are happy endings? Watch Yahya’s take on it.

After the amazing response, this series got, TTT and Yahya released a tiny bonus video on their Instagram account titled Aao Batwara Karein. Watch it below:

The world’s most celebrated micro-fiction platform, ttt has changed the face of internet literature. Countless ‘writers’ have made the most use of digital availability, and somewhere along the line effective content got lost in the rat race. ttt has been the flag bearer, since its inception, creating ‘A’ grade content in form of texts and then motion picture.  Previously they had teamed up with Manav Kaul, releasing a total of 10 poems written and narrated by him.

Yahya has been the internet sensation since his video of performing ‘Shayad Woh Pyaar Nahi’ went viral. With his charming, boy-next-door looks and captivating stage presence, he became a popular storyteller on the internet. He performs at various storytelling hubs and was recently part of Welfare Konnect, a conclave of experts in the web industry.


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