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Amazon Prime Video Steps Up The Game With Hindi UI


Amazon Prime Video Steps Up The Game With Hindi UI

Amazon Prime Video has announced a new initiative to their platform by introducing Hindi user interface (UI) on both Prime’s app and the website, primevideo.com. One of the leading and largest OTT platforms offering video-on-demand content, Amazon, not long ago, had introduced content offering in six Indian regional languages- Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil, widening their audience reach. This new initiative now, will allow users to search, navigate and get customer support in Hindi.

Viewers will be able to enjoy Prime original shows and Bollywood films with Hindi descriptions and subtitles, while the Hollywood movies will either have Hindi dubbing or subtitles in Devanagari. To enable this members only have to change their setting by choosing Hindi language on their device, be it a smartphone or a desktop.

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Gaurav Gandhi, Director and Head, Business, Amazon Prime Video India, in a statement said, “As Prime Video’s customer base expands across India, we believe it becomes important to not just offer content in local languages, but to also give customers the option to access the Prime Video app and website in their language of choice. We are delighted to make Prime Video available in Hindi, so that a large base of our audience has an even more engaging experience on our service. Our efforts of localization will continue with a Tamil and Telugu user interface for customers which we will offer very soon.”




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