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Amazon Prime Video’s Sumukhi Suresh-starrer Pushpavalli to return for Season 2


Amazon Prime Video’s Pushpavalli to return for Season 2

Amazon Prime Video’s web series, Pushpavalli, created by and starring the popular stand-up comedian Sumukhi Suresh, is all set to return for a second season.

Pushpavalli’s Season 1, directed by Debbie Rao, features Sumukhi Suresh in the lead role as a woman who has her entire life already planned out. However, after falling for an exporter Nikhil Rao (played by Manish Anand), she decides to take the concept of ‘anything for love’ far too seriously, and secretly follows him all the way to Bangalore, continuing with her obsessive stalking.

After the first season in 2017, which was met with a great response from the audiences, the show is going to make a comeback to the platform after quite some time with a new season. The hilarious, and at the same time creepy, drama will return with Sumukhi Suresh reprising her role as Pushpavalli, and will focus on a brand new flavor in her life.

Keep watching this space for updates on Amazon Prime Video’s Pushpavalli Season 2.

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