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Viu India Announces ‘Back to Childhood with Gaurav Gera’ on the Occasion of Children’s Day


Viu India has released the trailer for their upcoming chat show, titled Back to Childhood with Gaurav Gera, where Mostly Sane, Beyounick, Micky Singh and Carry Minati will talk about their childhood.

Viu India's Back to Childhood trailer

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Viu India released the trailer of ‘Back to Childhood with Gaurav Gera’, a show where he will host 4 digital celebrities- Mostly Sane, Beyounick, Micky Singh and Carry Minati– to talk about their childhood.

Gaurav Gera, known for his comic character Chutki, will talk to these digital stars about their life before stardom- before Prajakta Koli became Mostly Sane, Nikunj Lotia became Beyounick, Harmanjit became Micky Singh, and Ajay Nagar became Carry Minati. The stars will talk about how their now extraordinary lives were ordinary by delving into the memories from their childhood.

Mostly Sane has become one of the most popular female YouTuber in India, reaching great heights with her funny and candid content. Beyounickis is known for his savage vines, while Carry Minati is the veteran creator known for his reaction and roast videos. Micky Singh is a popular singer/producer who has given a number of hit and groovy singles. Gaurav Gera will get behind this veil of stardom to know about the child that once lived. The show will release soon exclusively on Viu.

Watch The Promo Here:

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