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Charitraheen- Hoichoi’s new web series


hoichoi Charitraheen newsHoichoi is the world’s biggest digital Bengali entertainment and content platform. The platform, on 19th June, announced that the platform is coming up with an original web series. The series will be directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya. The series is titled Charitraheen. The meaning of Charitraheen is characterless.

The web series Charitraheen by Debaloy Bhattacharya is a story on immorality and infidelity. The story is set in today’s time. All the characters are portrayed to be ‘characterless’ in the story. The main aim of the series is to take the viewers and audience to a place where there are no barriers of judgment. The series will keep the viewers guessing about the next twist in the story.

This is a dark tale of these souls in a maze of love, lust, desire and betrayal where they are destined to be doomed. The plot of the story traces the journey of these men and women who are trying really hard to come out clean.

The ultimate showdown will be to see who gets nailed as ‘Charitraheen’ and what will happen of the rest. The story surrounds the couple Kiran/Klranmoyee (NainaGanguly) and Harius/Haran (Gourab Chatterjee) and their complicated relationships with Satty/ Satish (Saurav Das) and Sabitri (Saayoni Ghosh), and others who get involved in this journey of love that goes too far.

The cast of the series was revealed in a very interesting and unusual way. The director, Debaloy Bhattacharya, presents each member by flipping each page that shows the look of that star in the web series. Naina Ganguly, well-known for her work in Bollywood, will be working in the Bengali industry for the first time in this web series. Well-known actors like Gourab Chatterjee, Saurav Das, and Saayoni Ghosh make the rest of the cast.

Recently, Hoichoi completed 6 months in the webspace and the platform has promised to deliver original web series and short films every month. Hence, this project is expected to stream sometime in July or August.

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