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Hungama’s Thriller Web Series ‘Hankaar’ – Streaming Now!


Hungama Digital Media and Entertainment has finally released its thrilling web series, ‘Hankaar.’ This is the second web series by Hungama, after the success of its first series, ‘Damaged.’

The new series is focused on the lives of 5 characters with their different dreams and aspirations. They all want to move to their dream city and have a successful life there. However, this is not what life has in store for them as their stories get intertwined with each other due to ‘Z’, a mysterious criminal.

The five characters – Nisha, Pradeep, James, Mangesh, and Joy – are all unrelated to each other, and belong to different sections of the society. Nisha is a prostitute’s daughter who works to rescue child trafficking victims. Pradeep is a real estate agent trying to grow further in his career. James is a drug addict and Mangesh is a speech impaired person living in a small chawl, living in poverty. Joy is a technology freak who is right on the gates of the cyber crime world.

The series was launched at an event in Mumbai, where two episodes of the show were screened to the audience. The show is filled with mystery, and one can witness a lot of familiar places in different scenes as the show was shot in the various parts of the Mumbai city.

The cast members and the crew of ‘Hankaar’ were present at the event, including actors like Ujjwal Chopra, Rajesh Balwani, Yogini Chouk Borhade, Prammod Sanghi, Sharda Nand Singh, Ram Menon, and Shahnawaz Pradhan, as well as the directors Sanjay Bhatia, Ravi Iyer, Yogi Chopra and the creative head Tarun Rajput.

The show has 10 episodes, available to stream on Hungama’s website as well as the Hungama Play app.




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