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Ishq FM’s ArnabLoveswamy: A hilarious treasure trove for memes


Ishq FM has just dropped the first episode of Dr.ArnabLoveswamy and memers are so happy. It’s like finding the golden goose of the meme templates for any “moment” from any stage of life. Almost every dialogue, reactions and expressions of the characters especially Loveswamy, played by Ketan Singh make for pretty decent meme fodder.

Here are some memes that people on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have already begun making and sharing:

Here is the episode we are talking about :

arnab goswami early sleep memes. memes

Brain: 1 – Me: 0.

#memeistaanleague #drloveswamy #ishqfm #arnabgoswami #sleep #nosleep

Girl abusing in public meme

Hawwwww… Kitnibesharmladkihai!! Iskemaabaapnekuchsikhayanahi? *judgemental stare*

#memeistaanleague #drloveswamy #ishqfm #arnabgoswami

arnab weekend memes

This one hits too close to the heart *sobs into chai ka cup while working my ass off on a weekend*

#memeistaanleague #drloveswamy #ishqfm #arnabgoswami #agencylife

arnab goswami laat maarke bhaga do memes.

The only good thing about relatives visiting is you get to have the leftover chips, biscuits, and soft drinks when they go.

#memeistaanleague #drloveswamy #ishqfm #arnabgoswami #annoyingrelatives

drake comparing arnab goswami vs loveswamy

Facts only! ArnabLoveswamy is superior and is the only one that can shut up the other one.

#memeistaanleague #drloveswamy #ishqfm #arnabgoswami #drake

arnab goswami going to gym from tomorrow memes

The only time I visit the gym is to renew my membership… jiskamaiistemaal hi nahikarta.

#memeistaanleague #drloveswamy #ishqfm #arnabgoswami #fitnessmemes

It’s a field day for people who love creating and sharing memes, and ArnabLoveswamy’s outrageous, wild, and hysterical antics continue to inspire laughter.


About the Show :

Dr.ArnabLoveswamy, who is a love psychologist to couples, much in line with the original Arnab you-know-who, is an energetic and animated talk show and loves to engage in debates, incessantly blabbers, shuts other people up, and makes absurd clarifications for the audience.

Ishq FM brings a unique format to the web with this show, which is a comedy caricature that intends to capture the eyes of social media and spread itself through viral memes. This satirical is also sprinkled with references to pop culture and current trends on the internet in a quirky manner. The actor who plays Loveswamy does an excellent job at channelling the OG Arnab’s qualities and transforming them into the parody form of ArnabLoveswamy. Ishq FM also becomes the first FM station to deliver such an exceptional form of content to the digital space, and it is definitely getting the attention it deserves.

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