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Mostly Sane Joins YouTube’s Creators for Change


Mostly Sane aka Prajakta Koli has been appointed as one of the ambassadors to join over 50 other inspiring creators for YouTube’s initiative. YouTube’s programme, Creators for Change, is a global initiative first announced in December 2016. The main aim of the initiative is to reduce hate and promote tolerance and love by sharing videos about hope, connection and understanding.

Youtube creators from over 16 countries, with a reach of almost 29 million fans, have come together to amplify their voices and make a positive impact on the world. All the global ambassadors will be meeting at the YouTube Space, London, for the second annual Social Impact Camp. The cam will be including inspiration speaker sessions, video production workshops and networking opportunities for the creators to interact and network with each other.

Apart from the “Creators for Change”, Prajakta also started a social initiative on Body Shaming called #iPledgeToBeMe which received a huge amount of appreciation from women all over the world where women came up and shared their experiences of body shaming. She recieved almost 10,000+ emails within the first week of the campaign’s release.

Prajakta Koli was working as a radio jockey before she decided to start her own YouTube channel. One Digital Entertainment noticed her when she uploaded an instagram video with Hrithik Roshan, who came for an interview. The main reason for her instant success on YouTube was and still is relatable content. The viewers get attracted to the channels that can portray the problems and experiences they face in their own lives. Using this simple yet genius technique, she has almost a million subscribers on YouTube since her first video in 2015.



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