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Music & Conversation in TVF’s The Music Room With Prateek Kuhad


The Viral Fever (TVF) has always strived to experiment with their content, and done it successfully more often than not. In their quest to introduce something new to the audience, TVF has come up with The Music Room, a show that has a tasteful blend of music and conversations.

The official synopsis of the show reads, “The Music Room hosts the latest indie artists, bridging the gap between the artists and audience, giving the world a chance to discover the next big thing. Together with musicians from all over the country, we seek to celebrate and embrace good music.

The first episode of the series opens with the soulful crooning of Prateek Kuhad, as he gently eases the viewers in with his song Kasoor. Vaibhav Bundhoo– the music director behind various TVF Originals- sits down later to have a conversation with Prateek about the current music scene of the country, his favorite artists, audience perception towards Hindi & English music, growth of Independent artists, his experience in Bollywood, and his upcoming tour in India.

Watch The First Episode Here:

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