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MX Player Questions the Nature of Justice in Upcoming Web Series, Madhuri Talkies


When someone you love suffers through the heinous crime of rape, do you wait for the system to do justice, or do you take it upon yourself? Find out in the chilling series by MX Player’s Madhuri Talkies.

Madhuri talkies by mx player trailer poster

According to data provided by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), rape vulnerability for women in India is almost twice today, as compared to what it was 17 years ago. Justice in most cases is hard-won and often delayed with the victim and her family being shunned by society. So, what serves as a deterrent to such perpetrators?

In a society that has grown to believe in raising voices over matters that are consequential, criminality or misconduct of any manner does not remain hidden for too long anymore.

MX Player brings you Madhuri Talkies, the hard-hitting tale of a young man Manish (played by Sagar Wahi), who sets out on a bloody rampage in Banaras to avenge his love, Puneeta (played by Aishwariya Sharma); she was brutally violated by a gang of power-hungry men who ruled that small-town city. The power of an individual shines through in this bone-chilling neo-noir and raises an important question – is justice delayed, justice denied? Or sometimes, can taking matters into your own hands instill fear in the minds of perpetrators?

Directed by Arvind Babbal, the thought-provoking thriller that is Madhuri Talkies will be available to stream exclusively on MX Player, starting 17th January.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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