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O Re Naseeba; Eros Now’s Influential Music Video on #MeToo


O Re Naseeba

Eros Now has launched an all commanding music video titled O Re Naseeba, exclusively on their website/app. Sung by the Moh Moh Ke Dhaage famed Monali Thakur, the video song is a surreal take on sexual abuse of women, be it a child or an adult.

Krishika Lulla makes her directorial debut with a bang with O Re Naseeba, conceptualizing such an influential and stimulating ballad. In lieu of recent MeToo movement, many people have spoken up, artists have created content in support, but what makes O Re Naseeba different is the inclusion of repercussions in it. What goes around does come around, even when society fails to take any tangible action, and this music video personifies that message. With Monali Thakur’s sensational voice, the lives of 3 sexually abused women come to life on screen, portraying their unspoken rage in a powerful dance number.

Eros Now seems to have a strong content strategy for 2019, starting off with the all-new short-format-series segment, Quickie. With this original music video, we can expect much more amazing content in the year.

Watch The Promo Here:

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