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Ekta Kapoor Spills The Beans on Sunny Leone’s “Hello Ji” for Altbalaji’s Ragini MMS Returns Season 2


In an ode to promote their upcoming series, Ragini MMS Returns Season 2, Ekta Kapoor, who helms ALTBalaji, is all set to break the internet with ‘Hello Ji’ starring none other than the stunning Sunny Leone. Find out how!

Altbalaji Ragini MMS Returns Season 2

Back with a back, the second season of ALTBalaji’s Ragini MMS Returns is heavily loaded on the chamak and dhamak it seems. But Ekta Kapoor knows that with expectations at its peak, the missing ingredient needed is the namak. Making sure that there’s a lot of ALT in the Salt, Ekta’s roped in stylish diva Sunny Leone to feature in a peppy chartbuster titled ‘Hello Ji’ for the horror franchise.

In a sneak-peek ahead of the song’s release, Ekta can be seen brainstorming with her team in the ALTBalaji office. With the show having a talented star cast, brilliant story and heavy production value, the one thing lacking seems to be the namak that could very well break the internet. Ekta ends the tension in the room much to a sigh of relief on the faces of her team.

Speaking on her Eureka moment, Ekta revealed, “The show already has the chamak and dhamak. We needed some namak. That’s the missing ingredient. And who better than Sunny. With none of us being able to come up with an idea to break the internet, there was only one person who I could think of. I knew Sunny was perfect for what I had in mind and that’s exactly why the very first words I said to her on the call was ‘Hello Ji’.

Watch The Announcement Here:

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