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Sparsh Trace Their Journey to the ‘Manzil’ with New Music Video



The Mumbai-based Hindi alternative rock band ‘Sparsh’ has finally released the music video for their song, Manzil. The five-piece band consists of Rahul Bhavsar (electric guitarist), Ajinkya Jadhav (bass guitarist), Soham Pathak (lead vocalist), Nikhil Pachpande (keyboard player), and Virendra Kaith (drummer).

The inspiring song, Manzil, is written by Sparsh – The Band and Shivkumar Dhale, and the music video was shot as well as edited by Neel Salekar. It is a heart-felt piece of music which takes you on a journey towards self-realization and drives you to find your destination and purpose in life.

The music video begins with video clips tracing the journey of ‘Sparsh – The Band’ from singing near the creeks and factories of Thane to officially taking over the stage in a grand musical performance. It alternates with visuals from their travels – the scenic beauty, the localities, videos from the train and on the road, etc.

With such a tightly-knit and talented band, the Indian indie and alternative rock music scene is headed on a right track.

You can jam to Sparsh – The Band’s Manzil here:

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