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VICE India announces crime documentary series, titled ‘क Se Crime’


VICE India

Se Crime’ (C for Crime) will be a non-fiction web series in the form of a crime documentary, focused on the city of Mirzapur and largely, the state of Uttar Pradesh. Every episode will cover a different story of crime, ranging from petty crimes to entire organized criminal networks in the heartland of the country.

The series will include interviews from crime journalists, police officers, as well as criminals themselves, and provide us an insight into the growth of crime in the region and the fear that developed among the local populace. The docuseries will be narrated by Vijay Raaz.

VICE India has come up with a lot of content, both video and original editorial, since it was launched by VICE Media in partnership with The Times Group in April 2018. The platform came out with ‘Kabhi Sushi Kabhi Shalgam’, a cooking series for people who don’t know how to cook, and explored the rap scene of Mumbai with ‘Kya Bolta Bantai.’ Other than that, they also have series such as ‘Going Green’ where Mikhael Almeida cooks different dishes using ‘bhang’ as an ingredient, and ‘Sex-Rated’ exploring various topics related to sex such as education, pornography, BDSM, toys, etc. in India.

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Se Crime’ is expected to release soon. The trailer for the crime series can be watched here:


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