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Vipul Goyal Announces Humorously Yours Team’s Web Series- Flatmates!


Through his YouTube channel Humorously Yours Team, Vipul Goyal has announced an upcoming web series of the platform, titled Flatmates. Find out all about it!

Upcoming web series Flatmates

Vipul Goyal, a standup comedian and an actor known for his hit TVF Original series Humorously Yours, has announced his new web series titled Flatmates in his new standup piece.

Written and directed by Tarun Singhal and Puneet Patra, the 6-episode web series will be a situational comedy about two guys- Tandon and Batla– and their humorous lives. Played by Tarun and Puneet themselves, Flatmates will be releasing on 20th December on the YouTube channel ‘Humorously Yours Team’.

Vipul released the announcement with his new standup piece titled ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ With his unwavering delivery he recounts the story of every Indian mother and father in the context of marriage, fridge/waste management and the patriarchal house politics. A piece of laughter riot, it’s a must-watch and a good precedent for Flatmates.

Watch The Announcement Here:

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