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Sacred Games Quiz


Sacred Games changed the whole game with its never-before-attempted storyline and amazing ensemble characters, that are still alive with us. We still can’t get over Katekar’s death! We can’t wait to see why Trivedi was left alive and will be left alive, no matter who dies. The mystery is unfolding, as the creators keep shooting the most-awaited second season. Till then, let’s testify your claim of how much you loved Sacred Games, shall we? Take the quiz below, and refresh all the moments, once again


1) Whose novel is Sacred Games adapted from?

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2) Select the directors of the series among the following:

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3) Which one of the Badariya brothers betrays Gaitonde?

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4) Who is Katekar’s favorite actress?

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5) What government agency does Anjali Mathur belongs to?

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6) Who kills Gaitonde’s mother?

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7) According to Gaitonde, who will be lone survivor after 25 days?

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8) How many fathers Gaitonde claims to have?

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9) Complete The Dialogue.

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10) Who becomes the closest confidant and friend of Gaitonde?

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Sacred Games

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