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#2019 and Modi Ji by Rajeev Nigam: Stand-up Review


Comedian: Rajeev Nigam.
Channel: Rajeev Nigam (YouTube).
Language: Hindi.
Release Date: 18th January 2019.

Catch Phrase:

“Manmohan Singh se kyu khush nahi the jab bhi main puchta hoon to ek hi baat sunai padti hai, ‘Yaar who bolte nahi the’. Apne desh ke Pradhanmantri the, unke mooh se tumhe dada dadi ki kahania sunni hai. Ab yeh bolne wala mila, lo suno kahani.”


  • Rajeev Nigam is one of the veteran comic artist, performing pieces since the time when stand-up wasn’t even that prominent in the country as it is today. Maybe that’s the reason his pieces are more realistic than just some observational or scripted comedy.
  • In lieu of the 2019 elections and all the hype surrounding it, Rajeev talks about the political leaders of our country and the situation that surrounds them. He even relates international politics with India, managing to create a perfect political satire in a neutral, unbiased way.
  • His performance is a perfect mixture of professionalism (a rare term to consider in comedy) and entertainment, automatically making it stand out in the herd of comic pieces.


  • If you’re unaware or uninterested of the political surroundings and what happens, this stand-up is not for you.

The Final Verdict:

To get taste of what a true political satire is, this is definitely a must watch.

Watch The Stand-up Here:

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