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A guy creating controversies? – Kunal Kamra


Kunal Kamra is probably the reason why most comics in India refrain from doing a politically inclined gig. But death threats, being asked to vacate his house and constant hating have not deterred Kamra. In addition to doing very politically inclined gigs, he has a podcast too where he interviews famous people from the political arena. Way to go Kunal!

This gig is the funniest depiction of the taxi scene in Mumbai. He starts off with the UP taxiwala bhaiyyas’ adaptation to Uber/Ola and has you ROFL-ing within seconds. What with the Chole Bhature serving Mc Donald’s in Punjab and “App pe baith ke chale jao”, he ensures there are no unfunny pauses. And his struggles with the taxi are all very real and relatable. He has the audience laughing in anticipation of the punches and this, we are sure is the funniest a funny-man can be!

You must not miss his conversations with the taxi guy, especially the Orissa bit. He takes a detour to Angioplasty suddenly, which frankly came out of nowhere! The middle-class jokes are really getting old now. But he pulls it together and makes a solid come back with the cabbie poem. It is supremely hilarious!

There is no dearth of comedy and comics in India. And there are takers of every type of comedy here, one is bound to find his/own comedy audience. What makes Kamra stand out is his delivery. Poker faced punches are his strength. And it appeals to most people. Hoping to see more of comedy from him rather than podcasts!

You can watch the entire gig here –


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