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A Tale Of An Onion Witch: Short Film Review


A Tale Of An Onion Witch: Short Film Review

Cast: Archana Mittal, Prakhar Toshniwal, Saurabh Mukhija, Amita Kulkarni.

Director: Piyush Srivastava.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Horror, Comedy.

Channel: Pocket Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 15th August 2019.


Rohit and Dinesh, two bachelors, are apartment hunting when they find an apartment they like. The apartment is great, landlady agrees to compromise on rent; with one glitch- apparently a 100-year-old witch wanders the building asking for an onion. They are warned not to open the door or answer to anyone who comes banging at night, no matter what. When an attractive neighbor comes knocking, will they heed to the advice or get swept in her beauty?


  • Every apartment building has a story to tell, and this particular one where Rohit and Dinesh come to live has a century old witch who has a weird obsession with asking people for onion. If you value your life, you won’t answer her question or open the door to her.
  • The endearing tagline of Imperial Blue, Men Will Be Men, comes to mind when you watch this short film. Despite the warning these guys receive, when an attractive girl-next-door comes knocking one night, they let her in to ‘help her’ in her time of need. In their attempt to charm and woo her, they forget the old-wives tale, until it’s too late. As the attractive lady turns into one scary lady demanding onion, the freaked out duo try to remember the landlady’s advice in such times. When she does come to help, what unveils will leave you confused between whether to laugh at them or pity them.
  • A Tale Of An Onion Witch is an interesting mesh up of horror and comedy. With some jump-scary moments accompanied by a comical touch, it has the unique ability to scare you and make you laugh.
  • Prakhar Toshniwal and Saurabh Mukhija are on par with their character portrayal, carrying out their roles with ease and believability, surprising a laugh out of you in their most frightened state. Similarly, Archana Mittal and Amita Kulkarni carry out their predictable characters in an entertaining and engaging manner.


  • If you’re looking for a story that has a definite conclusion, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The story behind why the witch wanders around asking for onions remains unanswered, somewhat making the entire experience unsatisfactory, at the end.

Bottom Line:

A Tale Of An Onion Witch artfully tries to introduce a horror drama with comical elements. Worth a watch.


  • Piyush Srivastava has previously directed Us & Them (short film), and SonyLIV’s web series Bharta.
  • A Tale Of An Onion Witch was published by Large Short Films, under their #ShortOfTheWeek

Watch the Short Film Here:

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