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Abhay, Episode 5 & 6: Web Series Review


abhay webseries

Cast: Mukesh Rishi, Harsh Mayar, Naved Aslam, Namit Das, Priyal Gor, Richa Pallod, Kunal Kemmu, Elnaaz Norouzi, Rituraj Singh.
Director: Ken Ghosh.
Language: Hindi, Bengali, English.
Genre: Crime, Thriller.
Channel: ZEE5.
Release Date: 16th April 2019.


Flashback to 5 years ago. Abhay is in Kolkata to help Natasha on a case of a gangster, which unravels horribly, leading to all the events that define Abhay’s present situation. Unbeknownst to him, he has an encounter with a serial killer, whose case he takes on back in Lucknow. Handling the rising murders and his unraveling life, Abhay stands witness to his life’s spectacle as one single mistake flushes it all down the drain.


  • Abhay’s 5th and 6th episode, Crossfire and Burn, respectively, has two verticals- one following Abhay’s past and the second about a psychotic serial killer, which are interconnected to each other by an unbroken thread.
  • The 2 episodes, following one single story, released on a single day, is the major positive. After the last episode, which left Abhay at the edge, these episodes shedding light on his past work wonders at reaching a crucial point in the series. The viewers’ finally know the connection between Abhay, Natasha and Govind, and the madness that surrounds it all. The cliffhanger is more exciting than ever, because the journey henceforth is totally unpredictable.
  • The beauty with which the two episodes merge their two different storylines together, the common theme of Abhay, is more pronounced and seamless than any previous episodes. On one hand we have a mentally abused kid, Sujoy, whose targets are individuals who are smokers, rude and domineering, result of his upbringing, and on the other we have a culmination of events and mistakes that largely define Abhay’s somewhat crazy behavior in the present, and both plots hand-in-hand to create a large, wholesome picture.
  • The spooky, eerie version of the popular Bengali song, Ekla Cholo Re, creates the perfect vibe and background for Sujoy, depicting his mentality better than any dialogue or scene.
  • In these episodes, Elnaaz and Namit’s talent can be truly appreciated. Elnaaz’s Natasha is hotheaded officer who is desperate to prove her position in the male dominating world, bordering on the verge of craziness. Namit is an informer who gets stuck in the crossfire between the police and the bad guys, a casualty, an innocent man who becomes the villain when his family is killed in front him. It’s fascinating to watch them both play two extreme personalities, with astonishing justification.


  • Viewers’ disclaimer extremely necessary. Some scenes, language can be graphic or derogatory for some.

Bottom Line:

Crossfire and Burn takes Abhay to its highest point, making them the crucial episodes of the series, in the most fitting manner, cinematically.


  • Abhay seems to launch several of the veteran TV and Bollywood actors on the digital. With these two episodes, it launches Mukesh Rishi, the iconic Bulla from the movie Gunda, and the veteran TV actor Naved Aslam.
  • Abhay also marks Harsh Mayar’s digital debut, who has won National Award for his role in the film, I Am Kalam.

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