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Adulting, Season 2: Web Series Review


Adulting, Season 2: Web Series Review

Cast: Aisha Ahmed, Yashawini Dayama, Viraj Ghelani, Ronjini Chakraborty, Anud Dhaka, Rohan Khurana.

Director: Ankita Sharma, Nayana Shyam.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Dice Media (YouTube).

Release Date: 11th August 2019.


New season, new house, new responsibilities of Adulting. As Ray (Yashawini Dayama) & Nikhat (Aisha Ahmed) step one ladder up in their phase of Adulting, they are introduced to an unavoidable aspect of the process- male attention aka dating. Both of their lives are soaring professionally, with a few glitches here and there, when said career goals become the reason for their separation.


  • Dice Media’s Adulting gets better with the new season like a seasoned wine. Ray & Nikhat level up as they play the ‘grown-up’ game, maintaining their silliness and adorable bickering. As they mature with work life and personal experiences, their innocence is somewhat kept intact, making you fall more in love.
  • Starting with an ominous announcement of Nikhat moving away for a work project, the series gradually takes the viewers’ through various relatable issues- from dealing with the progressed kid-cousin, seniors who have a penchant for millennial bashing, becoming the fence-mender between your parents, dealing with uncomfortable employees, to prioritizing yourself when it comes to love and relationship, the coder and the architect learn to face resignation and setbacks with a grumble and tantrum, only to get back with a renewed fervor.
  • Adulting gives you mushy feels, making you attached to it and long for each new episode because the roasting and bitching and support the roommates show towards each other is familiar and comfortable without any pretense. It’s funny, introspective, entertaining and enlightening, with its bittersweet happenings. The facts are straight and devoid of any sugarcoating, or too much penchant for dramatics, instantly connecting you to the characters.
  • Aisha and Yashaswini are their usual perfect and adorable selves. The supporting cast, especially Viraj and Anud, leave their mark on your mind with their brief yet memorable characters. They also help unveil various aspects of Ray & Nikhat’s personalities, adding depth to the story and the characters.
  • No one can ever fault Dice Media for seamlessly working the Brand Integration into their videos and shows, and Adulting 2 is no exception. It’s embedded in the episodes in a way that doesn’t make the marketing glaringly obvious to put you off but also grabs your attention in a flitting manner.
  • The screenplay and execution go hand-in-hand perfectly, one complementing the other and making the entire series sublime.
  • S. Potterheads will get a real kick out of Ray’s obsession with all things Harry Potter.


  • Apart from wishing it never had to end, there’s nothing wrong with Adulting Season 2.

Bottom Line:

Dice Media’s Adulting 2 makes you laugh a lot and cry a little, with all the ‘lame’ jokes and ‘emo’ moments. A MUST watch.


  • Adulting 2 marks Nayana Shyam’s directorial debut, while Ankita Sharma has previously directed a short film on the Web titled Wasteland.
  • The new face that quickly became the center of attraction, Anud Dhaka makes his debut in the world of Web series with Adulting 2; he has appeared in short films such as Chor, and Humaramovie’s recent Mini Banerjee Ghar Mein Hai.

Watch The First Episode Here:

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