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Adwaita: Short Film Review


Adwaita: Short Film Review

Cast: Chris Bharti, Mukesh Lakhta, Ankita Gussian, Shivangi Raghu, Aarzoo Sai, Akshat Adhana.

Director: Manwar Rana.

Language: Haryanvi.

Genre: Thriller, Drama.

Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 13th March 2019.


Lalla has grown up in a family where his abusive father used to beat up and rape his mother. Traumatized by it all, a grown up Lalla is mentally unstable, but the story his mother used to tell him about Rama and Ravana, good and bad, stays with him. A situation arises where he has to take a decision that blurs the line between the two values. Will he?


  • Adwaita is short film that lives up to its name, which means ‘The truth is one; not dual’, in a hard-hitting, original manner. We like to divide the world into good and bad, but often forget that are the two sides of the same coin, and the line can be blurred on various occasions. What’s good for one person can be evil in another’s eyes and vice versa.
  • This short film proves the above fact in respect to the dark nature of human, without any glorification. Just plain, hard truth portrayed in two different extremes- with morality at its basis.
  • It provides a glimpse into the mind of a rapist, how at first he is scared of the consequences of his action and the gradual transformation into an unabashed, fearlessness monster. It also talks about the effect of abuse on a child’s mind, how the inability to do anything then can result into a big, ugly mix of rage, anger, and helplessness in the latter years of his life, that is bound to spill out, one way or another.
  • Mukesh Lakhta is spectacular in his portrayal as the damaged son who is wary of the world’s ways, living with his mother’s words in his mind, a man who is still that helpless, angry kid. So is Chris Bharti in his negative portrayal and grey personality. Both of them liven up the film.
  • The low lightening and dilapidated setting is perfectly utilized to match the story of the film.


  • Adwaita is a strong, sordid, and disturbing take on the reality around us; not everybody’s cup of tea. Watch at your own discretion.

Bottom Line:

A raw, powerful take on the reality around us that questions the value of good and bad. Definitely worth a watch.


  • Adwaita was among the Perfect 10 Winner at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 2018; it has won various other accolades.
  • Manwar Rana works as a director and editor at Cocktail Film Productions, which has produced Adwaita.
  • Mukesh Lakhta, who plays Lalla, is also an independent filmmaker with various music videos to his credit; he is one of the directors at Snowleapord Films.

Watch The Short Film Here: 

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