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The Ghost In The Garden, Parchayee, Chapter 1: Web Series Review


Parchayee The Ghost In The Garden

Cast: Farida Jalal, Kabir Sajid, Sarah Jane Dias, Swanand Kirkire, Kurush Deboo, Bachan Pachehra, Priyank Tatariya.
Director: V. K. Prakash.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Mystery Thriller, Horror.
Channel: Zee5 (Website/App).
Release Date: 15th January 2019.


Ricky is a young kid who lives in the mountains with his grandmother. Curious about the dried out, a huge forbidden tree in their garden, he keeps having horrific dreams about his grandfather’s first wife, Rose, who incidentally happens to be strolling the grounds. On the other hand, someone is attempting to kidnap kids. Is there a connection between the kidnappings and Rose’s ghost?


  • Farida Jalal and Kabir Sajid have made the story entertaining with their characters’ light granny-kid banter and easy camaraderie.
  • The cinematography and background score to capture the essence of the film exceptionally well, giving it the whole ghostly, mysterious vibe.
  • Bonus points for good original music.


  • The execution of the concept could have been way better. The transition between scenes seems abrupt and broken, failing to create a link and make the whole 45-minutes episode a wholesome story.
  • If you’re looking for the promised bone-chilling horror, the first episode sorely disappoints,
  • There’s no reasoning or explanations for half the events that take place, for e.g., why does Rose keep appearing to Ricky and scare him or does the culprit behind the kidnapping gets caught. Many such small details are just left hanging, without any plausible hints.
  • The story seems to be dragging, stretching the moments and scenes longer than necessary.
  • The characters are half-baked; it seems as if the storyteller tried to provide a character arc but then got bored midway and either rushed it off or just left it right there.
  • In the literary world, film adaptations of any literary work usually end up being a huge disappointment for the readers, who eagerly watch the adapted film/show of their favorite pieces. Parchayee’s first chapter, The Ghost In The Garden, does that as well. Even if you’re not familiar with Bond’s writing, the episode lacks the energy to grab the viewers’ attention. It manages the craft of filmmaking well- the whole camera, music angle- but fails at balancing the art i.e. the plot, and characterizations.

Bottom Line:

Brilliant cinematography, dull conceptualization, and execution.


  • Mainly active in Malayalam film industry, V. K. Prakash has done a few a Hindi and Marathi films, but Parchayee marks his directorial debut in digital.
  • Shararat famed veteran actor, Farida Jalal has done remarkable roles in films and even on digital with short films such as Mehram, Love Shots, and An Untold Story Of A Known Irony.
  • Sarah Jane Dias could be seen in Voot’s Time Out and Amazon Prime’s Inside Edge, two original web series.

Watch The Trailer Here: 

Parchayee | Episode 1 Trailer | The Ghost In The Garden | A ZEE5 Original

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