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Kahanibaaz- Ashish Vidyarthi’s Short Film Review



Cast: Ashish Vidyarthi, Sasho Sarathy, Rhea Rai, Sanjay Vichare, Sonia Tredia, Sarvesh Adawade.
Director: Sandeep Varma.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Psychological thriller, Drama.
Channel: Royal Stag Barrel Select’s Large Short Film (YouTube).
Release Date: 25th Sepember, 2018.


Ashish Vidyarthi steps in the web industry with an intense thriller short film ‘Kahanibaaz’. Launched by Large Short Films, the story concentrates on a seemingly normal taxi driver who has had a rough childhood. The inability to control the situation then and the impending regret as well as conflict now, makes him neurotic enough to lash out. This results in a heart-wrenching, insightful story conveying the effects of abuse and neglect on a person’s conscience.


  • The film explores the taxi drivers’ character in depth- his way of choosing customers, picking their mind apart and how he always comes to the final verdict, one way or the other, in his favour.
  • The flashback technique mixed in with the storytelling gives an impressive twist to the film.
  • The whole narrative is to the point, leaving nothing to the imagination without making it seem bland.
  • You get to see Vidyarthi’s outstanding villainous acting, which is always a plus.
  • A definite watch if you love watching stories that keep you on your toes throughout.


  • Apart from a few scenes which may seem a little exaggerating or typical, the whole short film is a great experience.

Bottom Line:

An all-encompassing tale of abuse, neglect, and confusion with an empathetic touch.


  • The short film is inspired by Gaana’s original Kahanibaaz podcast.
  • Ashish Vidyarthi has won a National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1995 for his movie Drohkal.

Watch the short film below:

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  1. Sandeep 4th January 2019

    The Director is Sandeep Varma. Not sameer 🙂


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