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AUN: Short Film Review


AUN: Short Film Review

Cast: Sumanth Gowda K S, Allies Nigen.

Director: TsPrasanna.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Voot.

Release Date: 15th February 2019.


A wildlife photographer stumbles upon a tribal man in the wilderness and their encounter is an eye-opening tale of civilisation.


  • The one thing that immediately stands out is the extraordinary, outstanding cinematography. Each and every shot is magnanimously beautiful, capturing the wild essence of the story.
  • AUN is a film that strengthens the visual appeal over audio; doing justice to the saying ‘pictures speak louder than words’. There’s not a single dialogue exchange between the photographer and the tribesman, and yet the story speaks for itself, loud and clear.
  • It redefines terms such as civilization and humanity, in a startling clarity. We term ourselves as civilized people because we live in cities or urban areas, aware of the technological and scientific advances, but AUN shatters the beliefs or mirage we live in, giving a new meaning to words such as greed and hospitality.
  • Both the actors have done a spectacular job at portraying their respective roles by their actions and body language.
  • The lack of dialogues is compensated with the appropriate background music and sounds, not making it seem hollow.


  • Not a single thing.

Bottom Line:

A brilliant piece of filmmaking with an equally brilliant plot. A masterpiece, in short. Definitely worth a watch.

Watch The Short Film Here: https://www.voot.com/shows/shortcuts/1/749303/aun/753116

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