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Baarish: Web Series Review


Baarish: Web Series Review

Cast: Asha Negi, Sharman Joshi, Sahil Shroff, Priya Banerjee, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Leena Prabhu, Shubhangi Latkar, Muni Jha, Sheetal Tiwari, Kunal Purwani, Benaf Dadachandji, Poulomi Das, Manit Joura.

Director: Nandita Mehra.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Romance, Drama.

Channel: ALTBalaji.

Release Date: 25th April 2019.


Anuj is the showrunner of Mehta Diamonds, a rich Gujrati chokra who prefers to stay behind the curtains. Gauravi is an employee at one of Mehta Diamonds’ many branches, an independent Marathi mulgi who isn’t afraid to stick up to her decisions. Worlds apart, yet bonded together by the simplest qualities, they are brought together in a marriage of convenience as a compromise. Witness as the rain aids in blooming their respect and admiration for each other into unflinching, irrevocable love.


  • Baarish is an enchantingly sweet romance drama, that portrays love in its most purest and wholesome form. In the world of DM’s and Tinder, the essence of love-trust and respect- seems to be lost in translation, and Baarish reinforces it with a subtle yet firm touch.
  • The romance drama maintains a light aura of mystery with its flashback technique of storytelling, keeping you hooked up with the show. The place setting- Gauravi in prison- aids perfectly in the eager anticipation to know what put the righteous Gauravi in such a pickle. The 20 episodes might seem like a stretch at a glance, but once you start watching it, it is over before you know, leaving you pining for more.
  • Baarish’s theme of conflict revolves around the contrast between the rich and the poor, modern and traditional, among other things. Anuj and Gauravi work as mediators that connect the divide, while the supporting cast- Aniket (Vikram Singh Chauhan), Shreya (Priya Banerjee), and Rishi (Sahil Shroff) starkly act as the pioneers favoring the rift.
  • Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi shine bright in their digital debuts. Sharman’s Anuj is a rich diamond merchant yet a simpleton. A guy who believes in family over everything and is kind and forgiving to a fault. Sharman justifies the character with his charm and expertise, reinstating the fact that he is one of the most underrated artist in the industry.
  • Asha Negi radiates her character with every single action and expression. Gauravi is an independent, qualified woman, and an old-school romantic at heart. She is the Yin to Anuj’s Yang, and Asha compliments Sharman perfectly, hitting it off on screen.
  • Benaf Dadachandji and Kunal Purwani as Zeenia and Sorab, respectively, are a refreshing sight in the series, giving a touch of humor in the emotional drama. They also help in portraying Anuj in a different light, helping his character arc.
  • Baarish is a typical Ekta Kapoor style soap opera, sans the saas-bahu drama, and it takes guts to bring it on a platform targeting the millennial, and executing it in a way that appeals to their mindset. Kudos to Bhairavi Raichura and Nandita Mehra for bringing the old school to the new generation.
  • The title of the series, Baarish, plays a character in Anuj and Gauravi’s ethereal love story, streaming down to witness all the ups and downs in their otherwise steady companionship.
  • The best thing about the series is its enchantingly beautiful music. The title track, Kaisi Yeh Saajishe, steals your attention in the beginning with its sublime melody, and its tweaked versions to match every mood- be it celebration or heartbreak- makes you appreciate the music composer’s versatility. The background music compliments the scenes and characters to the T.


  • There are no major digressions that might put you off the story.

Bottom Line:

As Gauravi said, “Yeh na ek sweet si love story hai, isme apke wale twist nahi hai.” Baarish is a sweet, soothing salve to the soul that dares you to dream and believe. Worth a watch.


  • Nandita Mehra, the director of Baarish, has also co-produced the series with Bhairavi Raichura.
  • Asha Negi had her career’s breakthrough start with Balaji Telefilms; it certainly is beautiful that her digital debut is done with ALTBalaji, both subsidiaries helmed by Ekta Kapoor.
  • Apart from Asha and Sharman, Baarish marks Sahil Shroff and Vikram Singh Chauhan’s debut in the Web Entertainment.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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