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Boss: Web Series Review


Boss: Web Series Review

Cast: Karan Singh Grover, Sagarika Ghatge, Gaurav Gera, Ayaz Khan, Tarun Mahilani, Asmmita Bakshi, Mahesh Shetty, Veer Aryan, Dalljiet Kaur, Praveena Deshpande.

Director: Ankush Bhatt.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama.

Channel: ALTBalaji.

Release Date: 2nd August 2019.


The crime rate in Shimla is at an all-time high. A special team is created to curb the murders and restore people’s faith in the Police Department. The team is led by Sakshi Ranjan and Sudhir Kohli. The two officers are poles apart- Sakshi is a no nonsense and focused kind of girl, while Sudhir is a brat in the most innocent and charming way. But they both have one thing in common, and that is an eye for detail. As they unveil one criminal case after other, Sudhir’s personality becomes more and more complex. Is he really who he says he is? And if not, who is he and why is he there?


  • ALTBalaji’s Boss tells the story of Keshav Khatri (Karan Singh Grover), who pretends to be Sudhir Kohli, a police officer of the Special Crime Branch in Shimla in order to find his daughter, who has been the latest victim of the infamous Balloon Man. A conman with the ability to charm each and every woman, he blends in the team in pretense of solving cases, to gain more information on the serial killer. This main plot of the series is shadowed by 10 different sub-plots (cases) the Special Team takes on, trying to keep the series entertaining and interesting.
  • Karan Singh Grover and Sagarika Ghatge, who plays Sakshi, as the main lead, somehow manage to hold together the shipwreck that is Boss, with their characters. The stern relation Sakshi and Kohli/Keshav share, at times makes you chuckle at their back-and-forth bickering.
  • As tacky as it sounds, the title track of Boss and a haunting lullaby, O Ri Chiraiya, that features in various episode, may be the only saving grace of the series.


  • Boss’s trailer promised an entertaining thriller, a chor-police chase filled with secrets. But what is delivered is a fictional and digital version of Crime Patrol.
  • Boss’s screenplay- from the main plot to the various subplots- is extremely under-baked, irrelevant and disparaged. Filled with convenient coincidences and in your face anomalies, Boss majorly disappoints with its poor attempt at thriller or mystery.
  • Web is a medium for filmmakers to create content, uninhibited. Having said that, it’s the creator’s responsibility to not take advantage of that freedom. In almost all episodes of Boss, women are subjected to sex and nudity, as a justification of Keshavworking the case’. He gets key elements that help in solving the case, out of all these women, via sexual encounters. And it’s portrayed in a way that definitely puts you off of the show.
  • Boss not only fails at the conception level, but also at the execution. Poor VFX and glitches in audio are a few examples of the bad editing, that spoils the viewing experience further and quite frankly is unforgivable.

Bottom Line:

Boss proves to be a badly executed crime thriller- high on crime and extremely low on thriller.


  • Boss marks Karan Singh Grover and Sagarika Ghatge’s debut in the digital world.
  • It also marks Ankush Bhatt’s first web series; he has previously directed Sparsh for Large Short Films.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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