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Budh: Short Film Review

Budh (Awakening): Short Film Review poster
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Cast: Geetanjali Mishra, Richa Meena, Sabina Jat, Vineet Sharma, Devendra Prajapati.
Director: Prashant Ingole.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 7th January, 2020.
Platform: Humaramovie (YouTube).

“Let’s find out in Humaramovie’s latest short film, Budh, how far women need to go for respect and equality?”


Budh revolves around three women – Laxmi, a widow, mother of two girls, physically and mentally abused by her husband’s misogynistic family and molested every day by her brother-in-law. Zainab, married to a sophisticated looking man who likes nothing more but to constantly taunt her on her flaws. Yvonne, young college going girl who fell in love with a typical player. All of them are victims of being ‘women’ but something unexpected happens when these women realize their worth.


The story of the short film concentrates on the lives of women in modern society in different scenarios who are still facing the obstacles of backward thinking, existence of taboo about women’s role in society, patriarchal dominance and so called gender biased equality and finally women empowerment.

The way one story transcends into another helps the viewer get a better understanding of how the lives of all these three women are connected.

The director has successfully captured the reality and the thought process of society where at every step we are still fighting for equal treatment and equal respect through stories of three different women who are overcoming the backward thinking, orthodox beliefs, misogynistic perception and patriarchal dominance every day. It shows that women of every age, every region or religion are connected through their reality of sufferings.

The title of the short film “Budh” (Awakening) itself explains the concept where after all the suffering, discrimination, unequal treatment and physical and mental torture, all the three women decide to stand up for themselves and raise their voice against it.

The short film has very beautifully captured the ugly truth that still lies in our so called democratic society where women are chained with the disheartening beliefs of families’ misogyny.

The two phases of women are shown here, where first she is overpowered by the old orthodox beliefs and with realization about her rights, worth and the concept of equality she stands for herself and becomes empowered.

The song played “Haq Hai” sung by Jonita Gandhi at the end of the short film aptly summarizes the film.


Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Budh talks about life of three different women of variant age groups who belong to different regions of India and still are connected through the suffering caused due to biased patriarchal beliefs and their awakening and realization of their worth.


Budh is Prashant Ingole’s first direction. He has written lyrics for some Bollywood movies like Bajirao Mastani, Race 2, Mary Kom, etc.

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