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Chaska: Short Film Review


Chaska: Short Film Review

Cast: Nikhil Pandey, Rahul Shenoy, Nidhi Bansod.

Director: Gagan Meshram.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Horror.

Channel: Beyond Imagination Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 3rd June 2019.


Frederick’s mother is a house-help, who takes him around with her to her workplaces. To pass time, the kid takes up a new hobby of scaring people, getting a kick out of it. But there’s one resident, Ved, who never falls for Frederick’s trick, and get irritated with his antiques. Determined to scare him at least once, the kid tries every trick up his sleeve. And one day, he does scare him, but at what cost?


  • Kids are the most persistent and creative creatures. They know how to utilize their time, alone or with company. Now put these kids in a horror backdrop, and you either have a train-wreck of a story or a piece of brilliance. Gagan Meshram’s Chaska leans towards the latter category.
  • Frederick, a maid’s 6-year-old kid, enjoys a game of peekaboo with the building’s residents where his mother works. His tricks usually work on the unsuspecting occupants, but then comes Ved, who doesn’t get scared by the kid’s antiques. Ved is entertained by Frederick’s efforts, but never scared. After a few days of persistence, when Frederick disappears, Ved notices his absence and gets to know that the family has gone out of station. When they do come back for a last chance at scaring the tough man, Ved is in for a surprise that not only frightens him but freaks him out of his mind.
  • Chaska takes the simple game of peekaboo and puts a horror spin to it, turning the innocence into a freak show, effectively. The dark tint of the film throughout puts an ominous shade on the plot, readying you for the climax in an anticipatory manner.
  • Rahul Shenoy as Frederick endearingly plays the stubborn kid. His determination to scare Ved at any cost comes off as sweet and scary in the most ironical way, and Rahul plays the part to the T. Nikhil Pandey, for his part, does an amazing job at playing the victim of a prank gone wrong.
  • All in all, Chaska is a commendable piece of work in regards to screenplay and direction.


  • The editing at places seems rickety; the concluding sequence of ghost appearances near the end takes the impact down a few notches.

Bottom Line:

Filled with innocence, fun, and ghosts, Chaska makes for an exciting watch.


  • Chaska marks Gagan Meshram’s directorial debut in the Web Entertainment Industry.
  • Nikhil Pandey has previously appeared on digital in Large Short Films’ short film Rogan Josh.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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