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Chintu: Short Film Review

Chintu: Short Film Review poster
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Cast: Anup Soni.
Director: Anubhav Anand.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 19th March 2020..
Platform: Large Short Films (YouTube).

“Let’s find out in Large Short Films’ latest short film, Chintu, what an encounter with one’s childhood could lead to.”


Chintu, busy with his life, suddenly finds himself in his old abandoned house as his mother asks him to check if there anything worthy left. He finds his old toy, a monkey to whom he talks about everything and gets teleported to his childhood days. In between the soliloquy, he realizes how precious those carefree childhood days were and in this forwarded world takes a step back. But it wasn’t just the steps he took.


Title plays a significant part in any film; it gives a glimpse of the story. “Chintu” shows the attention revolves around a single character.

The director has magnificently captured the rush one is in and the halt one needs. The direction scrupulously shows how our values and mindset change as we grow up. How the bling of materialistic things and the thought process overpowered by today’s high expectations and not so normal lifestyle.

The way the so-called conversation is showed with the soliloquy of Chintu deserves kudos which makes us understand that he is not just talking to his toy but his childhood self.

Chintu is a smiling monkey that shows the happy times of childhood.

Music plays its part without us even realizing but getting the nostalgic feel Chintu is going through.

The story is headed with a single character Chintu and he is successfully portraying his story strongly which speaks for all.

Anup Soni’s character is rich and well established in life – married, believes money is the only solution to lead a happy life and feels happy in showing off but goes through an epiphany when encountered with his childhood self. Somehow he gets himself in a paradoxical situation where he is aware of his unhappy life but lets the materialistic beliefs overpower his thought process into believing he is happy.

Chintu is a relatable character for all of us who are juggling between grown-up responsibilities and a carefree attitude of childhood.

In a way monkey also acts as a metaphor where Chintu is just talking to himself all this while and he was just looking at his childhood every time and in the end also he didn’t take his toy he took his childhood self with him.

The story concentrates on the stage of life where on one side we feel financial stability, good status and luxurious lifestyle is all we need to live life to the fullest, but on the other side, we feel the need for a carefree attitude, childlike contentment in small things and positive perception towards life just like when we were kids.

Through the story of Chintu, the director has not only absorbed our attention to his life but has also shown the situation we all go through. Chintu is not just a monkey but those abandoned childhood memories which we tend to forget with time but stays in the heart forever.

The revelation at the end that the character’s name is Chintu makes the ending amazing and the whole short film comprehensible.


Not a thing!

Bottom Line:

 Chintu shows us how we as humans seek to close the loopholes in adulthood through teachings and memories of our childhood.


 Chintu is Anup Soni’s first short film.

Anubhav Anand is a writer, producer, actor and a director.

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