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Chubhan: Short Film Review


Chubhan: Short Film Review

Cast: Shweta Basu Prasad, Manoj Kolhatkar.

Director: Sachin Arun Gokhale.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Suspense, Drama.

Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 22nd August 2019.


Meghna has shifted to the city for a job, living independently. She notices her neighbor, an old man, who keeps staring at her. The peeking gradually increases to waiting around for her, following her. Uneasy with his peculiar behavior, especially with the news of sexual harassment on media, she confronts him one day as he follows her to work. But when she learns the truth, will she be able to forgive herself?


  • Sexual predators and harassment has been a prevailing issue in the country for quite a while, and various filmmakers have portrayed it in various shades of black and white, sometimes even grey. Chubhan is one such story of a young woman and her peeking neighbor Mr. Joshi, whose ‘predatory’ tendencies seem to increase with Meghna’s inaction or reaction.
  • Chubhan tries to showcase two different sides of a story with an emotional connect that forces viewers to speculate. At first, the unwanted advances and unsavory glances leave you uncomfortable and restless, making you wonder, for the hundredth time, why these people do what they do and how their minds work. Later on, when the tables take a sudden turn, it leaves you wondering exactly who’s at wrong- us or them?
  • This question makes for an ending that leaves you in conflict of emotions. Shweta Prasad and Manoj Kolhatkar do an excellent job at carrying out their roles in a way that makes you question your perspective.
  • The background music and the couplet at the end perfectly summarize the short film.


  • Chubhan seems to be confused with its essence; the message of the film is quite muddled. Joshi’s first impression comes off as a pervert, a predator, which is what the intent is. Meghna is frustrated and anxious but after her confrontation, when he stops following her around, her conflicted state of mind doesn’t quite fit well.

Bottom Line:

Chubhan is an interesting attempt at portraying harassment and the immediate reaction in a new light.


  • Shweta Basu Prasad has appeared on Web Entertainment in both web series and short films. She featured in Large Short Films’ Interior Cafe Night, Visa (short films), and in Amazon Prime’s Gangstars, and Eros Now’s Flip (web series).
  • Manoj Kolhatkar marks his debut on digital with Chubhan.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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