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Chupchaap: Short Film Review


Chupchaap: Short Film review

Cast: Geeta A. Sharma, B Shantanu, Jhanvi Bhaskar, Murtuza Ayub, Shailendra Kshatriya, Rakesh Verma.

Director: Bilal Hasan.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Humaramovie (YouTube).

Release Date: 5th March 2019.


Geeta and her husband are already worried about their one and only daughter’s, Shweta aka Runjhun, safety, seeing the condition of the capital becoming the rape capital of the country. And one day, Runjhun goes missing. Has their fear materialized into reality?


  • Chupchaap is a heart-wrenching, petrifying story of womanhood and the big elephant in the society that doesn’t seem to go away any soon. On the occasion of Women’s Day, humaramovie raises the question of empowerment and safety with this short film.
  • It explores the whispered topics such as rape, sexual predators, independent women, patriarchal dominance in a hard-hitting way. The end makes your heart skip a beat with dread and sadness, leaving an impact on the audience.
  • The poem Geeta narrates in the beginning and the end of the film sums up the whole essence of the film in a crystal clear manner.
  • The short film explores how women are still perceived in our society, no matter how long and far we have come. It sheds light on how rape victims are considered a shame, the constant fear women have for their safety, and how she has to be a daughter, mother, or a wife first, and be herself later.
  • The twist Chupchaap takes makes it a unique concept in the lot.
  • Certain cinematic shots are so powerful and in-the-face, portraying the moment way better than any words or dialogues could. Chupchaap is a perfect blend of audio-visual brilliance.
  • The background music throughout the film creates a sombre and ominous vibe, a tell-tale of bad things to come.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

An eye-opening tale of womanhood, Chupchaap celebrates Women’s Day with a twist.


  • Chupchaap marks Bilal Hasan’s directorial debut on the web.
  • Geeta Sharma has worked is movies such as Delhi 6, Chillar Party, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, among others.
  • B Shantanu featured in the widely acclaimed Amazon Prime original series Mirzapur.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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