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Chutney : Short Film Review


Cast: Tisca Chopra, Adil Hussain, Rasika Duggal
Director: Jyoti Kapur Das
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Channel: Large Short Films
Release Date: 28 November 2016

Synopsis: A woman, suspecting that her husband is having an affair with a young lady invites the mistress over to her place. When she visits her, she is served soft drinks, pakodas, some lip-smacking chutney and a spicier story. Through a simple, seemingly harmless conversation between two women, the anecdote spins itself into a much revealing tale of secrets


  • The characters are extremely believable and the supporting characters are kept at their minimalistic best to let Tisca Chopra shine
  • A virtually unrecognizable Tisca takes the centre stage and has gone an extra mile for this one. Her docile yet crafty rendering of a dutiful wife is hair-raising and makes you rewind a bit to reconsider taking seemingly ordinary people at face value
  • The details are taken care of meticulously — the accent the characters speak in, the clothes they wear, the house they live in and the food they eat; which keeps the story relevant and not feel staged
  • Strong narrative, excellent direction, and brilliant acting by the cast
  • A subtle twist that does not give away any hint of the drastic twist towards the end and hits you at the right spot when you least expect it. That is perhaps the biggest victory of the film.


  • Nothing. There is no reason why you should miss this one!


Chutney is a film that leaves you with a spur of unsettling emotions and packs a powerful punch in a very short span of time. Highly recommended stuff!


  • Chutney is the maiden production of Tisca Chopra who has also co-written the film along with JyotiKapur Das
  • Chutney was supposed to be based on a Hindi story the director had come across. In fact, the writers of the story attended the screening and are even mentioned in the credits
  • Tisca was named Best Actress for Chutney at the Jio Filmfare Short Film Awards. The short film was also chosen as Best Film (Fiction).


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