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Connected: Short Film Review


Away from the world, Vir and Saba find their destiny and love in each other. What makes Humara movie’s Connected different from your regular love-at-first-sight story? Find out!

Connected short film review

Cast: Vir Das, Saba Azad.

Director: Aman Dahiya.

Language: English.

Genre:  Drama.

Channel: Humaramovie (YouTube).

Release Date: 24th December 2019.


Love doesn’t mean always acquiring or having control over, It’s just knowing that it exists and rejoicing in its existence. Then there’s neither longing of holding nor fear of losing! The two vagabonds Vir and Saba, traveling their way to find themselves, found their destiny in each other which was not restricted by the promises but freed by beliefs.


  • In the process of searching a part of yourself you experience being whole through another soul and the moment you realize that this relationship is eternal, the heart stays connected forever without the bondage of distance.
  • There are certain people we cross paths with and they stay with us forever in the form of a memory which never fades. All of us in our journey of life meet a stranger familiar to our soul and that sudden bond feels like an old string and the heart knows its home.
  • The first scene with a frame surrounded by nature, the sound of birds chirping and Vir’s “sighs of relief” gives a surety to the audience that this ride is going to be relaxing and a happy one.
  • The characters are the same yet different. Same as we all are in the race of trying to find where we belong and to whom. Different as they are ready to explore the colors of life and experience its variant shades.
  • The real name of the characters also gives a personal touch to the story.
  • The title “Connected” itself attaches the string of audience to the story and the colorfulness of it leaves them to explore endless magical possibilities. The connection of the characters is shown in different but beautiful ways like their same choice of something wide as cinema or minute as charms.
  • Every aspect of the short film has been captured beautifully with mostly wide lens capturing two souls wandering in nature, exploring the emotional and experiencing love.
  • Director Aman Dahiya has quite subtly framed the not so casual love story and has successfully captured the essence of it being complicated and yet simple.
  • The music helps in building up the emotions and it was subtle, comforting and connecting every minute on the screen.
  • Lightings play a dominant role in creating and maintaining the mood in any video, here the location or emotions might have changed but the lighting remains constant throughout the short film i.e. bright, positive and pleasant.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Just a connection could make a relationship eternal, a moment memorable and two souls capable of being together with a belief.


  • Aman Dahiya has previously directed short films, namely Camouflage (Large Short Films) and Pure Veg (Humaramovie).
  • Connected marks Saba’s second project with Aman; she is also the lead in the short film Pure Veg.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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Apoorva Shrivastava

Curly headed crazy soul.Long walks, deep conversations and comfortable silence are my things. Love to paint the pallet of of paper with shades of my words.I sing all day and dance all night.Positive vibes always.

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  1. Aman Dahiya 31st December 2019


    Thanks for the wonderful review! Made my day!

    A minor note: The film is in ‘English’

    Wish you a lovely day.

    1. webfare 2nd January 2020

      Thank you!!
      We are glad you liked it.
      Looking forward to review more of your work.
      And yes thank you for the correction.


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