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Cuddly : Short Film Review


Cast: Neena Kulkarni, Shruti Vyas
Director: Karan Shetty
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama, Drama
Channel: TTT (Terribly Tiny Talkies)
Release Date: May 9, 2015

Synopsis: Cuddly takes place over a short conversation between a mother and daughter on a quiet night when the daughter is up preparing for her presentation the next day, and her technologically naive mother has interesting insights to offer. Cuddly’ is a sweet little tale that drives us down memory aisle and the beautiful portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship is the heart of the movie.


  • The audience warms up to both the characters almost instantly because they are extremely relatable. Veteran actress Nina Kulkarni and Shruti Vyas play their parts to perfection and add to the subject’s universal appeal
  • The little arguments embedded in the movie makes it even more beautiful. For instance, the part where the mother insists her daughter to eat the food is extremely charming and relatable.
  • The beautiful flow of the story, which happens all in the conversations between mother and daughter, is flawless and so the seamless blending of the narrative with an intimate message.
  • The treatment given to the film is very breezy and refreshing although the saccharine plot of an over concerned mother and ambitious child is very commonplace.
  • The crisp screenplay and the well written, endearing dialogues are a joy in itself.


  • Nothing. There is no reason why you should miss this one!


Cuddly is a comforting film to watch and is very resonant with the daily conversations we all would have had with our parents and thus, strikes a chord immediately. It’s a timeless work of art not only for the beautiful story but also for the organic performances. Be sure to watch this one!


  • Cuddly is veteran actress Neena Gupta’s first short film
  • Shruti Vyas is the sister of Sumeet Vyas of “Permanent Roommates” fame, who is a popular face in the web industry.


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